Oct 262006

I don’t value reviews written immediately after the album’s release very highly. These things take time–at least a few months–before they reliably imprint. That said, here are some quick thoughts:

  • Initially, I’m so much more pleased with this record than I was with Gene’s recent solo effort.
  • Early favorites are “Bulletproof” and “Where Angels Dare.”
  • I’ve heard several folks make comparisons to ’80s Kiss, particularly Hot in the Shade. I don’t really hear it. The production and Paul’s songwriting have both come much too far.
  • I’ve also heard a few complaints about the length (a tad over 33 minutes). I hadn’t noticed, which tells me it’s fine.

Ask me what I really think after Christmas sometime. For now, I’ll just say it’s certainly getting a lot of iPod time.

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