Jan 012018

Last night was a quiet New Year’s Eve. During prime fireworks-lighting time, it was about 15 ºF with a 15-mph northern wind. That shuts folks down pretty hard. I didn’t complain.

I have goals for the new year, but nearly none of them are constrained to the calendar. It’s becoming clear to me that my Halloween decision is a significant turning point. Some of that is physical, but I think more of it is mental. It’s empowering. I’m excited on a fundamental level about again pursuing goals with vigor. Some are service-oriented. Some are professional. Some are spiritual. Many are aspirations that I’ve allowed to lie dormant for too long.

(And I think this is the second time I’ve posted vaguely about this. I promise I’ll share specifics here too, and I’m much closer to doing that.)

I have what I feel like is the prerequisite mental attitude. It’s an attitude I didn’t realize I was missing until I experienced it. It’s…smoother. It’s a tack that allows for life’s little tragedies without tanking my curve. It’s a perch that enables me to better see manageable chunks. It’s where I needed to be a long time ago.

But I’m not lamenting that. What was that about raging against the past? No. “I would prefer not to.”

Instead, I’m thankful that I’m here now.

Happy New Year.

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