Apr 292013

Australian firm HommeMystere has announced a complete line of women’s underwear, but for men.  Thongs?  Check.  Brassieres?  Check.  Camisoles?  Teddies?  You’re covered, buddy.


(Photo:  HommeMystere.)

The company stresses the underwear is not “just for gay men,” but I didn’t have that thought anyway.  I suppose there are cross-dressing applications, but don’t most gay guys prefer and wear underwear that is unambiguously designed for men?  (I mean, I confess I’m operating almost completely on pop culture depictions here, but that’s one I’d think Sex and the City would get right.)

No, this is for straight men who get their freak on wearing ladies’ unmentionables.

Now it seems to me there’s a fundamental problem here.  I do not have a fetish for wearing women’s underwear, so cannot speak on the subject with true authority.  But wouldn’t you think the soul of the fetish would be the fact that they’re women’s underwear?  Women’s underwear for men is, by definition, men’s underwear, right?  I would think saying “here, this is for you!” to a man who likes to wear women’s underwear is about as effective as saying the same thing to a teenager about the new “teen center” in the neighborhood.

If I like to wear women’s underwear, and this is underwear for me, then well, where’s the kink?

I doubt this feeds the freak.

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  1. I image it has a large demographic in transwomen who are either (a)pre-tranisition or (b)even after transition still have some “masculine” features (broad shoulders, undefined waist, male genitalia…)

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