Apr 032019

Probably lots of people who are neither necessarily highly informed nor excessively perverse know that a fetish for women’s underwear is pretty common, as these things go. Some significant, but probably smaller, percentage of those people know that, for a lot of fetishists, dirty is better than clean. And then yet another subset probably knows that you can go buy dirty panties online at any number of sites, none of which I will link here because no one is going yapping somewhere “hey, guess what I saw on Bo’s site?” and then saying that.

(I did poke around long enough to determine that if these young ladies are actually doing the business they claim to, they’re really pulling in a lot of money.)

Now, for the most part, I say feed the freak. If you’re not hurting anyone against his/her will, and you’re not involving children or animals, then go for it. Consenting adults, etc. But there’s a certain baseline level of discretion, is there not? If you’re into dirty drawers then great, but you’re not going to sit in traffic with a pair pulled over your face.

Or at work. Or at church. Or even at the pub. (Well, you might at some, but not in general.)

This is an excellent example of something that is absolutely OK, but still almost never an appropriate topic of extended and/or pointed conversation.

We’ve excessively conflated these notions and are poorer for it.

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