May 042012

Have you met Julia yet?  She is our esteemed president’s newest campaign tool:  a sample American who thrives under policies supported by Barack Obama and is certainly doomed under the brutal neglect of anything else.  If you haven’t met her, please do so.

Now of course, anyone with anything approaching a sensible view of government is going to find this creepy.  Here is what you want, ladies and gentlemen:  to be a womb-to-tomb ward of the state.  (Well, not womb, because in the perfect world of the left you can be killed practically for sport there, but that’s another post.)  I do wonder, though:  is it a bit too stark for even the base?  I mean, aren’t they unaccustomed to being told directly (by their heroes) that they want to make them permanently dependent on the endlessly benevolent federal government?  It seems to me that one of the main misdirections has always been dressing up these ultra-leftist policies with the individualist language of more conservative philosophies.  This doesn’t even try.

It’s also a bit jarring how sophomoric the whole thing is.  Doesn’t it look and feel like something that would get a B+ in a high school media class?  I really kind of expected to find frowny-faces or wolves or something when it talked about what mean old Mitt Romney would do.  I wonder how close they came to surviving the cut?

Despite a media machine that continues to be wildly and unashamedly supportive, Obama really doesn’t have much on which he can base a reelection campaign.  He can’t run on Obamacare, because it’s deeply unpopular (and seems likely to be eviscerated imminently).  He can’t run on delivering on his campaign promises, because he hasn’t (and in many cases has vigorously done the opposite).  He can’t run on the economy, because it still sucks (and “Bush did it” plays nowhere but beat poetry readings anymore).  So, so far, it’s let me protect you from that monster Romney, who would put all of you on top of the station wagon, given a chance.  (Well, except investment bankers, and probably that culty church he goes to.)

If “Julia” is as good as it gets six months from Election Day, it’s likely to become very entertaining.

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  13 Responses to “To The One, we are all “Julia””

  1. I was trying to figure out why it took her seven years to get what is presumably a four-year degree, and why you would need a four-year degree to do web design.

    Creepy and sad that Zachary has no father in the picture.

  2. Julia’s always looking left, even while reading a newspaper.

  3. “Julia decides to have a child.” Creepy and sad indeed, Miria. The mainstreaming of the idea that the married, two-parent household carries no particular advantage over any other household when it comes to child-rearing is one of the primary things that’s ripping America apart.

    Charles, good catch.

  4. Have you seen this burning up twitter? It’s quite hilarious. The democrat campaign is trying to entice women voters by portraying them as helpless and dependent. Good one.

  5. Oh! And, does EVERYTHING put out by this campaign have to use those creepy shades of Obama blue? Never have I seen a theme color for a president. It’s just skin-crawling.

  6. I think we can safely call “Julia” an unforced error. May there be many more.

  7. Heh. I thought this was worth sharing.

    “Mitt Romney will tie a dog to the top of the bus.”

    Someone also pointed out that Julia is the heroine in “1984”.

  8. Another comment I read somewhere: “Julia died at age 78, and voted Democrat until age 92.” 🙂

  9. That is the creepiest damn thing I have ever in my life seen. I notice that Julia never got married either…the only man she needs to take care of her is Obama…who is president for how long? 80 years?

  10. “Sinister Orwellian vibe”…that’s the description I was looking for.

  11. Marianne, it’s an unambiguous fuckup. However this happened, I hope it keeps happening.

  12. William Bennett is about 5 days behind you on his analysis of Julia. I’m not savvy enough to put a link on here, but his op/ed is on Looks like he has been paying attention to this blog!

  13. Dave, you know, I take my role as an opinion leader very seriously. 🙂

    The word is contempt. The Obama administration views the citizenry with contempt.

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