Jun 072011

The omnipresent, eerie, plausibly-extraterrestrial-sounding racket at work is finally subsiding a bit.

(I mean the 13-year cicadas.  What did you think I meant?)

I seriously considered rounding up and cooking some of them.  Recipes aren’t hard to find.  I mean, I was going to do it just as a curiosity, but hell, what if cicadas are delicious?  What if they taste like shrimp or something?

Anyway, Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream in Columbia, Missouri decided to prepare some cicada ice cream.  Apparently they did a good job with it, because they sold out quickly.

But don’t worry.  Our Betters put a stop to it.

Now I know millions of us have been indoctrinated taught that our government legislates and regulates only For Our Protection.  Our innumerable laws are, with practically no exceptions, good things generated by good people with magnanimous motivations.

I’m asking you to do your level best to shake off that crushing intellectual tyranny, and try to consider this question on its own merits:

If a merchant accurately advertises a legal (mostly I mean not running afoul of ATF and/or DEA laws, which are definitely another topic, but go with me here) product, and the product has a buyer, then why should that be anyone’s business but the seller’s and the buyer’s?

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  2 Responses to “Cicada ice cream, squelched by The Man”

  1. By the time these cicadas come back it’ll be my turn at the trough of that ponzi scheme known as social security. I’m sure the goal posts will probably have moved by then and the pot will be nearly empty. So when these guys next sing their song I’ll be wondering where my 45 years of social security contributions went.

  2. I’ll have one in college and (hopefully) one just out.

    I do not consider, even slightly, that I will ever see a penny of Social Security.

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