Apr 242010

So says Arizona governor Jan Brewer about the illegal immigration bill she just signed into law.

My favorite part of the early fallout is that Mexico is warning that the new law “could affect cross-border relations.”  Now just what the hell does that mean?  Exactly what carrots are our neighbors to the south currently giving us?  Mercy, I certainly hope they aren’t threatening to withhold the drug gang war spilling over the border.

You know, a 40-foot wall—25 above ground, 15 below, construction to commence immediately—eventually makes the whole thing a moot point.  But I’m some sort of hateful racist or something, daring to suggest that the United States adequately defend her borders.  Believing that the United States should protect the interests of the United States is becoming a radical notion.

How much more surreal can it get?

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  4 Responses to “A solution “to a crisis we did not create, and which the federal government has refused to address.””

  1. What’s been happening is akin to a foreign invasion. “Immigrants,” like my great-grandparents, get their paperwork in order and obey the laws of the country to which they are moving. “Illegal aliens” commit a crime the minute they step in the country. I don’t know about anyone else, but in my eyes we don’t need anymore lawbreakers in this country. I don’t want to hear their sob stories (quite frankly, I don’t believe them). You want to work so badly? You want a better life? Yeah, so did my great-grandfather. He didn’t break any laws to do it.

    I also don’t get why the last handful of chief executives of this country have been so testosterone-challenged when it comes to dealing with Mexico. Defend your effing country, damn it!

    I back wholeheartedly what the AZ governor did. I wish more governors had the cojones (yo hablo español tambien) to do the same.

  2. kemtee, as you know you and I are often on the same page–after all, you’re intelligent and informed–and this issue is no exception.

    It still boggles my mind that post-9/11, people are as nonchalant as they are about our essentially open southern border.

  3. The immigration issue is a symptom. Yearning to breathe free used to be the motivation, but now it’s for a free plate to the all-you-can-eat buffet. Immigration hurts and needs controlling only because of the welfare state.

    A conservative host on the radio this afternoon—didn’t catch his name—raised a good point: the same people who oppose national ID cards are cheering for this measure even though it starts the ball rolling for police to arbitrarily demand that anyone produce Papiere.

  4. Greg, I do have a hard time with the “your papers, please” end of the issue. My feeling so far is that the problem is serious enough, and its potential for abuse limited enough, to tolerate it in this specific case.

    The welfare state is an intriguing factor to me, and one I’ll consider.

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