Nov 132019

In the wake of the LSU loss I’ve mostly stayed away from Alabama football stories, but have gathered here and there that many think it wasn’t fatal to Alabama’s playoff hopes.

Yeah, it probably was.

There are four slots. The SEC champion is going to get one of them. An undefeated Clemson is going to get another one. Take those two to the bank.

Probably an undefeated Ohio State will get a slot, even still having to play Penn State, Michigan, and Minnesota.

Now there’s one left.

So you’re telling me an 11-1 Alabama with no marquee victory is going in over a one-loss Big 12 or Pac-12 champion?

You want to blame someone for Alabama’s quandary besides Alabama? How about Duke? How about the 2019 SEC West for wallowing in mediocrity?

Alabama will get a fine bowl game. But they’ll miss the playoff.

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