Nov 142019
  • Have any of my readers had a Popeye’s chicken sandwich? If the current situation never abates, then I’ll never have one. I’m not waiting any longer than five minutes or so, and I’m certainly not risking the visitation of violence upon my person.
  • Disney+ launched this week, and it sounds like something we’ll eventually have ourselves. I really need to sort out what we’re paying for vs. what we’re using right now. I think the case for keeping cable television is going to be weak.
  • Having shared my thoughts on Alabama’s scant chances to make the playoff, I’ll adopt whatever SEC team gets in. It’d be fun to pull for Jalen, too, if that happens.
  • Today I learned that highfalutin has no apostrophe. Who says Twitter is an endless wasteland?
  • Dad, the boys, and I are excited about Ford v Ferrari. Doesn’t necessarily hit me as a blockbuster, but we’ll still probably wait a week or so as crowd control.
  • It makes me happy that Joan Jett is actually in the Sunday Night Football intro now.
  • The PBR 99-pack is real, though if it really does sell for $175, it’s a poor deal indeed. That’s up in the price range of just about any premium/craft beer available at a decent grocery store. (Some value for the gimmick of the seven-foot box is acknowledged, but not that much.)

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