Aug 082019
  • Requesting prayers for friends fighting battles—some exciting and of their own choosing, others sadly inflicted.
  • Huntsville Restaurant Week begins tomorrow! I’ll have some highlights and suggestions for you. Watch this space.
  • Lea and I liked Sherlock, but I found the season 4 finale—currently the series finale—tedious, silly, and definitely subpar compared to previous episodes. I have three episodes to go on Another Life.
  • The boys and I enjoyed going to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood together on the last day before school started back, but if Pulp Fiction is a home run and Kill Bill is a stand-up triple, we’ll call Hollywood a base hit. There is definitely solid craft here, but insufficient editing discipline. Quentin Tarantino has made several long movies in his career, but they’ve always justified their lengths. Mostly, Hollywood does not. It’s at least 45 minutes too long.
  • The tire purchase has earned an initial successful rating. The product is fine and the installation by Pep Boys in Athens went off without a hitch.
  • College football begins in three weeks. It has sneaked up on me more significantly than it has in years—doubtless an effect of a more subdued fanhood.
  • Did you know cinnamon is tree bark? Now you do.

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