Apr 262018
  • There are three different high school classes I care about. I attended an especially tight-knit private school first through fourth grade, a different school in which I hit puberty and marched in the band, and then finally, my alma mater, at which I was the new kid in the eleventh grade. Best I can tell, only one of the three is having a 30-year reunion. The end of the class reunion may well be Facebook’s ultimate legacy.
  • Not a lot new in this Greatest Leaders profile in Fortune, but let it serve as another underscore. Alabama is on a ridiculous, unprecedented run that, frankly, ought not be possible. I am now confident that history will remember Nick Saban as the greatest college football coach of all time. Eventually it will have no choice.
  • I’ve watched Undone with interest to see if they’d hang around and become a genuine player, and I believe they have. This full custom diver option intrigues me. I’m thinking about what I might do with such.
  • For the first time ever, I have Linux installed on a laptop that is only two years old (i.e., reasonably performant hardware). I’m going to use it as a test mule for my next desktop. How long is the list of things I can do with a Windows box that I can’t do with a Linux box?
  • I am a big fan of this little book light I purchased on Amazon recently. I can’t speak to longevity yet, but its performance is excellent, and it seems robustly constructed. If you need a book light, I think it’d be tough to find a better value.
  • There are now lemon Nilla Wafers. Do not bring these items into your home. They are of the devil.
  • I need another drama/thriller for the treadmill. The third season of Better Call Saul has made the minutes melt away again, but I only have two more episodes. Ozark did too. The Wire wasn’t good for it; had to pay too much attention for the conditions. (Mostly a noise and 10″ screen thing.) Maybe I’ll try Mindhunter.

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