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This is part of an ongoing series reviewing hot wings in the Huntsville area. Visit #HsvHotWings for a comprehensive linked list.

accw1Regular readers know that I spend a lot of time at Anaheim Chili, in Jones Valley. I eat there at least weekly, and frequently more often. It’s one of the most consistently good restaurants in Huntsville.

On the menu, Anaheim Chili appears to top out on heat at habanero for their wings (which are available baked or fried, by the way). When I asked if that was the hottest, my server Roberta let me know that ghost pepper wings lurked at the top of the scale. I had three whole wings (which is how Anaheim always serves them), two large pieces of celery, and dressing. It was $9.25 before tip, and Roberta did well with our service.


Quality: 8/10. Nine bucks for six take-’em-apart-yourself drums and flats seems a little high at first blush. However, they were pretty wings, with good meat quality and size. Sauce amount was right, and as with everything I’ve had at Anaheim, they were cooked well.

Flavor: 7/10. Ghost pepper with a bit of a vinegar undercurrent here, and maybe a whisper of garlic? It was a tasty lunch, and you’ll have no problem tasting (and smelling) the namesake peppers.

Heat: 5/10. They start a little sluggishly, then engage you in the dance part of the way through wing number two. It’s a pleasant and authentic burn, but not an especially strong or long-lived one. There is room to turn the Scoville crank a good bit more on these.

It’s another fine offering at one of my favorite places, and I’m glad to see the heat going back up as the exploration continues.

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