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There are many approaches to losing weight, and one that works for many people is a low-carb regimen.

NutritionLabelNow I think a good bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich (BLT) is one of the greatest gustatory gifts we have.  Unfortunately, I’ve always enjoyed them with Sunbeam King Thin bread.  That’s that good old cheap, alarmingly uniform white bread that sticks to the roof of your mouth if you’re not careful.  You know what I’m talking about?  Awww, yeah.

Unfortunately, to your body, that bread is essentially indistinguishable from sugar cookies.  It’s a big shot of simple carbs, and therefore it’s to be avoided if possible.

So I set out to pursue a low-carb BLT that doesn’t sacrifice taste.  I’m proud to say, I think I’ve gotten there, and can now present this dieting tip to the world at large.  Ready?  All right, here we go.

First, preheat your oven to 400 ºF.

For each slice of “bread,” you will need ten pieces of bacon.  When you are selecting bacon at the grocery store, go with the straightest cut you can find, because it will weave better.  Make this, noting the over and under:


Don’t worry if the ends hang off a bit; they’ll shrink up.

I recommend you build the “bread” on a cutting board.  You can then place an inverted cooling rack (like for (actual) bread) on top, turn it over, and transfer the “bread” without much problem (as shown above).  Set the rack, with the bacon “bread” on it, on a cookie sheet.  Ideally you’ll have two racks and two sheets, so you can cook them at the same time (but you can do one after the other if you have to).

Slide them in the oven, and start checking them at 15 minutes.  When they’re cooked to a nice color:

bacon2pull them out, and let them stand for five minutes.  Then, use a spatula to transfer each piece of “bread” to a paper towel-lined plate.

bacon3Pat the top with additional paper towels.

Tear some attractive lettuce leaves from the head and slice a tomato while the “bread” cools a bit more.  Ready?  Let’s assemble.

Step one:

bacon4Step two (we use Miracle Whip, but if you’re a regular mayonnaise person, that works too):

bacon5Step three:

bacon6Step four:

bacon7Step five:

bacon8Behold your beautiful low-carb BLT.  I am pleased to tell you that this entire sandwich contains only 11 grams of carbohydrate, or 4% of your recommended daily value.  Isn’t it nice to feel good about what you eat?

Take this to heart, my friends.  The sensible choices are out there, if we’ll simply make the effort to find them.


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  4 Responses to “Make the ultimate low-carb BLT!”

  1. This makes my heart stop, but it doesn’t feel good.

  2. That??? is horrifying.

  3. Thank you very much.

  4. WOW! I’ve been a low-carber for years and that amount of bacon (20 SLICES!!!!!!!!!!!) is VERY upsetting! NO one that I know would even suggest that that much fat be consumed in 4 days let alone in 1 sitting!!!!!!!! Please, please, please, do not use that much bacon or anything with that much fat!!!! It is truly not healthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter how “low carb” it is!!!!!!!

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