Apr 292013

Australian firm HommeMystere has announced a complete line of women’s underwear, but for men.  Thongs?  Check.  Brassieres?  Check.  Camisoles?  Teddies?  You’re covered, buddy.


(Photo:  HommeMystere.)

The company stresses the underwear is not “just for gay men,” but I didn’t have that thought anyway.  I suppose there are cross-dressing applications, but don’t most gay guys prefer and wear underwear that is unambiguously designed for men?  (I mean, I confess I’m operating almost completely on pop culture depictions here, but that’s one I’d think Sex and the City would get right.)

No, this is for straight men who get their freak on wearing ladies’ unmentionables.

Now it seems to me there’s a fundamental problem here.  I do not have a fetish for wearing women’s underwear, so cannot speak on the subject with true authority.  But wouldn’t you think the soul of the fetish would be the fact that they’re women’s underwear?  Women’s underwear for men is, by definition, men’s underwear, right?  I would think saying “here, this is for you!” to a man who likes to wear women’s underwear is about as effective as saying the same thing to a teenager about the new “teen center” in the neighborhood.

If I like to wear women’s underwear, and this is underwear for me, then well, where’s the kink?

I doubt this feeds the freak.

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Apr 272013

Today is the second anniversary of one of the worst tornado outbreaks in recorded history.  In the space of a few horrible minutes here, there, and yonder, large swaths of my favorite state were destroyed, and hundreds of her citizens perished.

Superficially, things look back to normal today.  There’s a tree line near where Browns Ferry Rd. crosses I-65 that’s not going to look right for the rest of my life.  But for the most part, if you want to see tornado damage in northern Alabama two years later, you have to go looking for it.

However, I still have no trouble summoning the chaos and hurt I felt, and my inconvenience was minor indeed.  Please keep those who lost much more in your prayers today and always.  For some, April 27, 2011 will never be all the way over.

Here are links to everything I wrote here at the time:

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Apr 252013

buzzerScholar’s Bowl was one of my favorite extracurricular activities in high school.  Today, I got to experience it for the first time as a parent.  I don’t think anyone played in elementary school when I was growing up, but they do now.  I took the day off today and watched Nathan’s team sweep the tournament (7-0) and become county champions.  Congratulations, all!

So the basic format is question-answer.  For a toss-up question, the first person to buzz in and answer correctly wins the point for the team.  The team then gets an opportunity to answer a bonus question, which they can discuss for up to 30 seconds before giving an answer. That’s another point, if correct.

(That’s how it was scored today.  In my day (heh), a toss-up was 10 points, and the bonuses varied between 15 and 30 points.)

There’s another big rule change that I question, though.  For toss-up questions, if a team buzzes in and gets it wrong, then the other team gets a chance at it.  If a player on the other team buzzes in with the correct answer, then the other team gets a point.

Now here’s where the change is.  When I was playing, the team who answered the toss-up correctly after the other team missed it would still get a bonus question.  They didn’t today.  If your team got a toss-up after the other team missed it, then the point for the toss-up was all you could get.  No bonus, and move to the next toss-up.

That enables a rather severe exploit.  If your team has an 8-point lead and there are 7 toss-up questions left, you can ice it starting at question 14 (in a 20-question game) by simply buzzing in really early on every toss-up.  Say whatever and miss it, giving the other team a chance to answer it.  But without the bonus available, they can score at most 7 more points, so you’re guaranteed a win doing that.

Now that’s not very nice, but the rules permit it, so…?  You know?  We didn’t see it happen today, but I’m curious whether that rule change is present in high school, too.

Good times.  Congratulations again, Nathan and teammates!

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Apr 252013
  • Two nights of lows in the 30s on deck, but we’re not getting anywhere near a freeze.  Too bad.  I love a late freeze.  It’s a mosquito massacre.
  • I saw Gail—this Gail—on Tuesday.  It was so much fun.  She hasn’t changed 1%.  And I can heartily verify more than five years later that it is restorative being with her.
  • Would you like to photograph the Kentucky Derby this year?  Don’t take a camera with an interchangeable lens.  For as much as we’ve accomplished, we are a devastatingly stupid people sometimes.
  • Microsoft will unveil the next Xbox May 21.  I am hoping rumors of it being necessarily connected to the Internet 24/7 are false.  Always on is a bad approach for a lot of things, and a gaming console is one of them.
  • I tried oyakodon at my favorite Japanese place this week.  I’m certain it was authentic, and equally certain that it’s not my thing.  I needed it to be a lot more spicy, or a lot less mushy, or both.  As gustatorily adventurous as I think I am, I hate it when something so thoroughly repels me, particularly when it’s part of a cuisine I generally enjoy.
  • I read almost in passing this week that Suzuki has withdrawn completely from the passenger vehicle market in the United States.  I hate to hear that.  I am rather fond of the SX4 and the Kizashi.  I would think either would be a steal on the used market right now.
  • You know how once in a while, you’ll see something so thoroughly and viscerally disturbing that you’d like to mentally unload it, but know you never can?  Click here for one of those.  Consider yourself warned.  (Don’t worry; not pornographic or otherwise NSFW, but let’s just say nature is bottomlessly disgusting.)
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Apr 232013

Aaron asked late last week if we could do something fun together. Talked to Mom, and we decided we’d get Here Comes the Boom and watch it together. (Meh. It’s all right.) Fun family time, though.

So he came back to me Sunday and said “Dad, the movie was good, but it wasn’t really what I had in mind.”

“Yeah? What did you have in mind?”

“Well, I was thinking just you and me could get sushi or something.”

Ah. He meant one-on-one time. I’m glad he came back and gave me another shot at it. He’s a more subtle kid than Nathan. He’s not obfuscatory; just more nuanced about some things.

He asked for sushi and miniature golf, just the two of us. You got it, man. Looking forward to it.

And I’m sorry I missed it the first time. I’ll work on that.

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