Nov 292012
  • I’m getting weary of conference “realignment.”  Aren’t there teams now that move and then don’t even stay a year?  I’m confident I’d be 100% accurate naming the members of the Southeastern, Pac-12, and Big Ten conferences.  I’d get pretty close on the ACC and Big 12.  I don’t think I could get even half of any other conference right.
  • I just love it when I leave my email client running at home and can’t get email all day.  Yeah, yeah, “leave on server” or IMAP, but old habits die hard.
  • Tried Mangos, a Caribbean restaurant, with Saintseester yesterday.  My oxtail was delicious.  I’m trying a curry next time.
  • Yet another instance of me turning into the guy I used to make fun of:  I noticed when I pulled in the driveway tonight that Lea’s van has a clean spot where I wiped the dirt off to put the new license plate decal on.  Sigh.
  • The near future will applaud restraint when it comes to the current rampant trend of slapping white LEDs all over the front ends of cars.  Most of them are somewhere between gratuitous and ridiculous.  Nearly all of them look forced.  The only home run is BMW’s “angel eyes,” which are quite sharp.
  • Movies on I want to see.  Theaters are generally proximate to retail.  So, might not happen, unless any of them are still on by the second week of January.
  • I expect a quick Alabama lead; then some Georgia recovery; and finally the Tide consistently winning up front in a low-scoring second half to put it away.  Alabama 31, Georgia 16.
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Nov 272012

Here are some recent search terms (put into Google, Yahoo!, and so forth) that led someone to this blog:

is kindle fire bluetooth enabled
No, it isn’t.  Bugs me more than I thought it would.  It’s going to keep me from getting another one.

ben gazzara looks like neil diamond
Passing resemblance, but “looks like” is a tad strong.

my dental hygienist is hot
Mine too.  She’s really an excellent professional as well.

price is right 900 dvds
I can’t believe this gets these hits, but it does.  CBS, there is an opportunity here.

harvard bo williams
Wasn’t me.

“johnny carson” whistle and hum at the same time
That was awesome, wasn’t it?  The guy hummed the melody from “Stars and Stripes Forever” and whistled the piccolo solo simultaneously.

oxford high school fight song
It’s one of the best ones ever.

conversational discripline
You might want to start with some spelling discripline.

actress in dr hooks she lets her jeans do the talking
Randi Brooks.  And it’s “Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk.”

arrons home stereoes
Wow.  Really?

the best nudity
Tends to be in person.

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Nov 252012

I went to Anniston today to see two friends.

My friend Nancy (your left, my right) is one of those lovely discoveries of adulthood that becomes possible once you shed all of the social nonsense (mostly borne of insecurity) that you’re trying to navigate as a child.  We were at Oxford High School at the same time.  She was aware of me, and I was aware of her, but for no reason that is good enough, we never really spoke.  Turns out we had a lot in common, and should have been buddies.  That manifests now as the two of us sharing huge swaths of pop culture and humor, with engaging and intelligent laughs flowing freely.

Marianne (your right, my left) and I had a study hall together with a teacher who permitted us to talk as long as we kept it low.  We hung out there.  We also knew each other a bit from band.  She was one of these people you went to high school with who didn’t really seem like a student.  Did you have any of those?  It was like, there were the rest of us, and Marianne was about 27 years old and almost checking on us.  She was effortlessly cool—really almost aloof in some ways—but still friendly and engaging.  She never seemed like a girl.  She always seemed like a woman.

She has since assured me multiple times that she was just as scared and unsure as the rest of us.  I’m not quite sure I believe it.

We had drinks, sushi, a board game or two, and several deeply satisfying laughs today.  Thank you, dear ladies.  See you again soon.

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Nov 232012

You know, I thought I called this post that when I made it last year, but I didn’t.  Quoted the relevant lyric at the beginning, though.

Guess what?  Say it with me:  “no plans to go out.”  Got up early and paid bills.  Did some dishes.  About to get a leisurely load of laundry done.  Got football.  Got beer.  I’m set.

Oh, you know what?  I had a neat idea for Black Friday on the web.  For all I know someone’s already doing this or some variant, but here goes:

Imagine you go to a large retailer’s web site.  Indicate that you’re shopping for Christmas gifts, then answer two or three questions about the sort of thing you’re looking for.  Then, it puts you in a progression of deals.  You can take the current deal or go to the next one.  Each one is better than the previous, but you don’t how close you are to the end.  You can pull the trigger anytime and buy what you see.  If you click past the last one, you can’t play for some short but non-trivial amount of time:  ten minutes, say.  Then you’re eligible to come back and try again.

I like the psychology of that.  I think that would be lucrative.  And, it’d be a way to (genuinely) capture some of the gambling aspects of Black Friday, for those who enjoy them.

For those like me who consider paying a little more a convenience fee for not having to deal with you lunatics, we just keep doing it our way.  Heh.

Happy Black Friday, whatever you’re doing!

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