Jun 292012

It is 105 ºF as I type.

It hasn’t rained in a month.  The exponential growth of the mosquito population is behind accordingly.  Also, it’s not at all humid.  “It’s a dry heat.”  So, it could be worse.

Still, the heat definitely doesn’t help my mood.  I’ve been pissy since yesterday morning’s Obamacare decision.  I haven’t felt so punched in the stomach by national news in quite some time.  I’m waiting until most of the acute feeling subsides before trying to post further about it, because I want to be as productive as I can.  However, I am going to put one thing out there in my current state:

Hey, folks (including some people I know should know better)?  Opposition to this horrible law does not equate to lack of concern for the needy, and you sound like a big fucking idiot every time you suggest such.

Just FYI.

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  3 Responses to “What opposition to Obamacare does NOT mean”

  1. I’ll send you some rain if you’d like. We had three inches this time last week. In an hour and a half. We’re not lacking in wet.

    Though frankly I’m more worried about Co. Springs. Those poor people….

    As for the other, well said. It’s precisely because we DO care about those most in need that we’re fired up. But I guess caring only counts if you’re on the “correct” side.

  2. I tried to bring back some rain with me from Florida, they had plenty.

    And hear, hear on your comment about the needy. As my friend Unclefacts said, “I’m still shaking my heads at idiot a******e liberals and the general tapeworms of society who scream we can’t pay for healthcare, doctors, medicine, and procedures, seem to think we can somehow now pay for healthcare, doctors, medicine, procedures, and now a massive government bureaucracy to run it all.”

  3. Smart people aren’t breeding enough. Dumb people are breeding too much.

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