Nov 202010

The Obama administration has finally come up with something I can enthusiastically support.  (I was beginning to wonder if that was possible.)  This is crafty leveraging of existing infrastructure, making the most of taxpayer dollars.  Love your thinking on this, Mr. President!

I hope you’re having a good weekend.

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  6 Responses to “VelociBus could revolutionize high-speed ground travel”

  1. is this a joke

  2. Jenny, of course not. It’s a news report. Didn’t you see the deputy Secretary of Transportation announcing the program?

  3. Well, now the video won’t work, either embedded or on the original site.

  4. God, I LOVE The Onion. The only way I can have a laugh at today’s news snippets.

  5. Kirk Douglas named Sexiest Man Barely Alive – that is so wrong.

  6. The Onion has been the most consistently funny site on the web as long as I’ve been online, and that’s getting to be a very long time.

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