Jan 302010

Apparently Mal Moore has jumped all over the need for a Nick Saban statue on the Walk of Champions.  It’s in progress now.  It could be ready as soon as A-Day.

I’m not so sure about the photograph after which they’ve chosen to model the statue, though.

Roll Tide to you, my friends.  Apparently we may drop as far as third or fourth in the recruiting class rankings this year.  Try to keep your chin up.  I’m sure we can stay above .500 this fall.  Heh.

(Pause for a moment with me.  Do you feel that?  Do you ever just stop, and drink it in, and enjoy being all the way back?  I sure do!)

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  2 Responses to “Nick Saban statue underway”

  1. Statue had better be of Nick as The Little Ball of Hate. Anything remotely serene would be intellectually dishonest.

    2010 Class is lower b/c we are sick loaded and kids coming in are all but assured of having to redshirt. It’s good to be king.

    Seen this crap: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/football/ncaa/01/29/obama.bcs.ap/index.html

    I got an idea. How about we just let Bama play Florida every year? Winner takes the National Title. And the Utahs and Boises and TCUs of the world can fight it out for the Obama-Hatch First Losers Award. Arrogant? Yup. Elitist? You bet your ass. We lived through the Three Mikes and are back on top.


  2. BamaDan: I’m fine with his statue not smiling, but I really don’t want his bronze immortalization to be throwing his headset. 🙂

    As with anything else, so with the BCS: Obama is to be survived. Any more optimistic thought than that is laughably delusional.

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