Nov 082008

TUSCALOOSA (AP) –  It had to happen sometime.

This afternoon, before a sellout crowd of 137,415 at Saban-Bryant-Denny Stadium, LSU defeated Alabama 17-16, ending the Tide’s unprecedented, unlikely-to-ever-be-surpassed win streak at 108 and dropping Alabama to 9-1 on the year.

It is the Tide’s first defeat since November 24, 2007, a 17-10 loss to Auburn.  The nearly eight-year-long winning streak has included seven consecutive SEC championships and six Bowl Championship Series (BCS) national championships.

Nick Saban’s collegiate coaching record fell to 205-49-1.  His winning percentage of .804 remains the highest of all active coaches.

After taking a congratulatory telephone call from President Palin, Saban gruffly vowed to get back to work.

“It’s about finishing, just like I’ve always said, and we did not do that on the field this afternoon.  It’s great that we haven’t lost a game in eight years, but that was yesterday.”

“Today, we lost.”

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  15 Responses to “November 7, 2015: Tide win streak ends at 108”

  1. Oh…still my heart! Rooooollllll Tiiide!!!!!

  2. I am a fan of neither ‘Bama nor LSU (I’m just married to it and will root for it for the sake of mood in the household). But, seriously, ‘Bama is going to have to play a lot better than that.

  3. Bob: Amen.

    saintseester: LSU won the national title last year with a number of victories that were at least that sloppy.

    A W…is a W. 😀

    Please pull for us in Atlanta on December 6.

  4. Penn St. is gone. I have nothing to pull for, now. I’ve lost all interest in the process. I came from a school that never had any chance at any football glory. The best we could ever hope for was to play spoiler. I believe that is why I think Vandy was so gosh darn cute in their aspirations. Also, it probably explains why I prefer pro games over college for the most part.

    I did see a funny, handmade, sign in the back of a car window the other day. It said “War Eagle, anyway.” Made me laugh.

  5. ‘seester: I know you’ll come around and pull for us. ‘Preciate it. 🙂

  6. That game took ten years off my life.

    Anyone think Cody can kick?

  7. Bama’s win tonight over my LSU Tigers will just make it so much sweeter when my other Tigers beat them in two weeks.

    Sorry Bo, I will be pulling for Auburn and then Florida. If Bama gets by them, then yes, I will pull for the SEC as I always do in bowl games.

  8. ‘seester: Yes, I forget you’re an Auburn fan. Well and good.

    But pulling for Florida is just sour.

  9. That wasn’t me. That was my husband. The same guy who just came in the bedroom muttering something about my delusional friends.

  10. Gators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, I went to about a year of undergrad at Florida (then off to the service and Viet Nam), and went to law school there, and I live in Florida, so who the hell else am I going to be allowed to root for?

    Interestingly, Steve Spurrier was an undergrad when I was (and we actually shared a class), and Frank Shorter was a law school classmate (although I did not know him).

  11. Congrats, Bo! Since my season ended weeks and weeks ago, I’m living vicariously thru you now, refusing to be ruled by bitterness. I uttered the words “fuck it” back in early October. I hope Bama wins a NC this year. Tide fans have endured a long dry spell. Beat the crap outta Tommy Blubberville!
    My joke for the day-
    Florida players drink Gatorade, but what do Florida St. players drink? Seminole fluid.
    I’m allowed that since they just made a mockery out of our defense.

  12. Many, many years ago, I was asked who I was rooting for in the Iron Bowl – Auburn or Alabama. I laughed because I had just moved to AL. So I said that I was a TN fan (trying to remain neutral until I could figure out who to root for). Over the 18+ years that I’ve been in AL, I’ve become an Bama fan. Mostly because I’ve really liked the coaches.

    I’m still a TN fan at heart. It’s a shame about Fulmer, but come on you need to take a hard look at who you’re recruiting.

    I’m looking forward to watching Bama kick Auburn and Florida’s butt in the coming weeks.

    Roll Tide!

  13. […] *idea stolen from this. […]

  14. I was rooting for LSU … and they almost pulled it out! Dadgum #*(@$&#($*@& Bama.

    Now I have to watch the hoity toity tide decimate my Bulldogs on ESPN this week. If ever a miracle was needed in college football, this is it.

    Die Bama DIE!

  15. don’t hold back wxchick 🙂

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