Dec 122009

It was the closest vote ever.  Mark Ingram is the first Alabama player to win the award.


Big congratulations to Mark, and I’m so proud of how he represented himself and Alabama in his acceptance speech!

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  7 Responses to “Mark Ingram wins 2009 Heisman Trophy”

  1. Except for him pulling a “Tebow”….Just kidding. I got a little misty myself..

  2. “Now those are tears of joy, not like Tebow, right Dad?”

    Swear to God that’s a direct quote from Nathan.

  3. Toby Gerhart looks like Tom Berringer.

    Congrats to Little Mark. Can’t wait to go to God’s Country to see the new exhibit at the Bryant Museum.

  4. Notice he thanked God, family, then team – good to see a young man like that with his head on straight. Even though it was close, the voters got this one right.

  5. I thought it was so cute when he thanked the teachers, too. Good speech.

  6. I’m very glad he won. Of all of them, he was the most deserving.

  7. So, you think Lord Saban has already started motivating Mark by playing him sound bites of all the talking heads saying he was undeserving? I swear, even at the announcement, Saban was scouting McCoy for weaknesses…and he probaly found some.

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