Oct 302009

Lea didn’t go to stained glass class Wednesday night, which meant that she didn’t need me to put the Technical Writing Express in the garage (involving maneuvers around other vehicles with which she is not comfortable), which meant that I forgot to take the garbage cans to the street (which I habitually do at the same time).

So our week’s worth of garbage wasn’t picked up, because they won’t break into your garage to get to it.

So I decided to drive the truck yesterday so I could get rid of two bags.  I had to wait much later than usual to leave, because Nathan had thrown up overnight, and I needed to stay with him while Lea took Aaron to school.  Then, the truck just barely started.  It needs a battery.  It was pouring down rain, so doing it at lunch was out.  Unsure of how many more starts I had, I decided it’d be prudent to drive it home at lunch and swap it for the TWE.  I did so, thinking I’d get up early this morning, drive the truck to O’Reilly (which opens at 7), and swap it in the parking lot.

Then, after being fine for just under 24 continuous hours, Nathan threw up again last night.  So I’m watching him again, and leaving late again, and the truck has been relegated to Sunday afternoon.  It probably won’t start by then, necessitating either a) jumping it off; or b) ferrying the old battery, then the new, in the TWE.  Probably I’ll go with b) if it comes to that.

It’s a delicate little web sometimes.

Waaaaahhhh.  What big problems I have.

Nathan seems fine, except for the periodic involuntary projection of his stomach contents.  The boys were H1N1-misted on Wednesday, and he may be reacting to that.  Or, could be just poorly-timed gastroenteritis (as if there’s a good time for it; yeah, that was a dumb thing to say).

Anyway, weekend’s almost here.  Hope you have a good one.

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  3 Responses to “Little annoyance cluster”

  1. I doubt if it is the vaccine as this H1N1 isn’t supposed to have GI symptoms. (Or so “they” say). Perhaps he picked up a bug at the bug-mecca (aka pediatrician’s office).

  2. PS – I think we have a battery that one can use to jumpstart a car now, thanks to my husband’s new hobby.

  3. It’s listed on our info sheet as a possible side effect. I think it was probably too quick, though. It was about 13 hours after his misting.

    Yeah, I saw that thing. Nice tool. 🙂

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