Aug 312009

BamaDan and I boarded the Technical Writing Express at 1:20 yesterday afternoon and set out for Chickenfoot at the Tabernacle in Atlanta.  After bisoning ourselves up, we settled into our seats with about 15 minutes to spare.

Opening act Davy Knowles started promptly at 7:30, and played a 30-minute set of competent blues/arena rock, with a bit of an Allmanish, the-jam-never-ends vibe.

Chickenfoot took the stage at 8:40:

Avenida Revolution
Sexy Little Thing
Soap on a Rope
My Kinda Girl
Down the Drain
Bitten by the Wolf (vinyl-only album cut)
Oh Yeah
Learning to Fall
Get It Up
Turnin’ Left
Future Is the Past

Bad Motor Scooter
My Generation

There was a piece of “Immigrant Song” hanging off either “Get It Up” or “Turnin’ Left,” as well.

cf1I was complimentary of the album, so I’m going to be pleased with a set list in which I get to hear almost all of it, including all of my favorites.  As you’d expect from a band with résumés this storied, they played excellently.  The precision was impressive.

Joe Satriani is really something else.  He’s a lick machine, of course, but would there be a difference making it happen in the studio and pulling it off in front of 2600 people?  It would seem not.  That guy went and made his stuff exactly like he wanted it on the record, and then coolly dispatched it on stage last night.  I loved how well he preserved the subtleties in the “Down the Drain” and “Future Is the Past” intros.

Some of my most anticipated moments were hearing Michael Anthony’s chorus vocals for “Sexy Little cf2Thing” and “Turnin’ Left” live, and he didn’t disappoint.  He’s like this band’s secret weapon, almost—they’ve written a lot of songs on which he can really show off.  He and Chad Smith made a formidable rhythm section.

Sammy was Sammy.  I’ve seen him several times, and he’s one of the most fun, engaging, and talented frontmen in the business.  He had it appropriately dialed back just a click to suit the environment—this wasn’t a Wabos show, after all—but he’s a guy who clearly loves being who he is.  He even strapped up for “Bad Motor Scooter”!

Speaking of, that was really my only wish.  There was so much musical history on stage, and “Bad Motor Scooter” was a cool stroke, but it was the only stroke in that direction.  Seems to me there’d be plenty of set list room for just a little from each guy’s background.  Oh well.

cf3There were pro camera crews all over the place, as well as an automated rig on a 30-foot boom.  So who knows?  Maybe we’ll end up on a DVD.

I had said a couple of rather complimentary things about the venue to Dan, having remembered a near-luxurious Tabernacle experience seeing Paul Stanley three years ago.  Well, I believe they’ve installed new seating aimed at getting a piddly ‘nother hundred people or so in the place.  It was disappointing.  The seating was cramped, and the air conditioning couldn’t keep up.  I may have taken my last trip to the Tabernacle.  When it’s 485 miles going and coming, it’s particularly tough to take not being comfortable at the show.

And in and amongst our section:

  • To Dan’s immediate right was the vomit wild card of our section, who was probably pretty hot 10 years and 15,000 Bud Lights ago.  I saw a little Wendy O. Williams in her face.  Dan said Selma from Night Court.  Touch-and-go as it seemed, the evening ended without emesis.
  • Directly in front of us, and standing up from lights down to lights up, were Bruce Jenner and his girlfriend, to whom Sammy Hagar was directly speaking the entire show.
  • Over our shoulders were the Wolfman and David St. Hubbins.


It was a fun outing, with a healthy slab of rock ‘n’ roll flanked by a side of film conversation, and a little sprig of sociology.

Finally, I’m glad to be off today.  The spirit remains willing for silly late nights out, but man, it sure does hurt longer than it used to.

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Aug 292009

For two Saturday mornings now, we’ve enjoyed the company of some remarkably friendly butterflies at Nathan’s soccer games.  Locals:  we encounter these in the east central part of Palmer Park, on the field colloquially known as “lower lower north.”


These aren’t fleeting, lucky shots.  These butterflies land on you as soon as you sit down and hang around as long as you let them, pretty much.  There are never very many of them; there seem to be four or five around at one time.

These are cell phone shots.  I’m taking my SLR next time.


I poked around for more than a few minutes looking for positive identification, and never came up with anything solid.  Best I can tell, it looks like it might be a species of Painted Lady.  Is there a lepidopterist in the house?


Hope you’re having a good weekend.

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Aug 282009

Hey, what’s the worst idea you’ve heard this week?

How about this one:  Let’s turn Heathers into the next Buffy.

Dear young, hipster Fox television professionals who are currently shepherding this concept:  I’m sure you’re very talented, but this is really a rotten idea.  Heathers was and is genius, and it deserves to be undisturbed.

And has it not occurred to you folks that a primary plot-advancing device in the film was murder?  Going to be tough to keep a cast, isn’t it?  Or are you going to just have Veronica and J.D. get into standard sitcom hijinks and capers instead?

Heathers burned fast, hot, and out.  Please don’t try to relight it.

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Aug 272009
  • Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy has died at 77.  It will surprise no one who knows me that Kennedy was hardly one of my favorite people, and I’m not sorry his legislative voice is silent.  Nevertheless, he has indeed been around a very long time.  This is my favorite thing about him that I’ve read since his death.  God be with his family.  RIP.
  • I’m sorry, but the Porsche Panamera looks like King Kong stepped on a Cayenne to me.  Very disappointing, Stuttgart.  I think your allegiance to a 911ish rear was horribly misguided.  If you’re in the market for a hoity-toity $100K sedan, the Maserati Quattroporte is way sexier.
  • The boys got FluMisted yesterday.  Of course, this year there is the whole H1N1 swine flu factor, the vaccine for which is supposed to be available in another couple of months.  It’s two shots.  The whole thing still feels more than a tad hysterical to me.
  • As of this month, Hardbodies is on DVD.  I never thought I’d see the day.  I appreciate great trash, which this is.  It’s not Reform School Girls, but Hardbodies might be my ’80s runner-up for such.  Now give me the Canadian sleazefest Goin’ All the Way on DVD, and I think I shan’t have any more such wants.
  • I didn’t remember Hardbodies 2, but there it is on the DVD.  I think I won’t watch it.  There’s a big difference between an anorexically thin plot awash in skin and remembered fondly from 13 years old, and one experienced for the first time at 38.
  • We Are Doomed:  Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism, by one of my favorite opinion journalists, comes out next month.  I’ve already got an autographed copy lined up.  Envy me.
  • After extensive research, I had to veto G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra for Nathan.  He’s sad, and I really do hate like hell to be the heavy, but my decision is final.  I want to be his friend, but I have to be his daddy.
  • Week from the day after tomorrow!
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Aug 262009

South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer has asked Governor Mark Sanford to resign.

It’s a good idea, Mark.  Go home and never come back.  Perhaps if you contritely and completely surrender to your wife’s mercy, y’all can put it back together.  You remember your marriage, right?  That little greatest-earthly-promise-you’ll-make thing?  Okay.

We Americans stay hungry for political destruction, particularly of the sort driven by penile gratification.  However, we don’t often see a fall so slow and agonizing.  Perhaps it was the fact that he couldn’t shut up about how incredible his mistress is that prolonged it.  Or maybe it was when he said he would “try to fall back in love” with his wife.

What a guy.

Hey, maybe he’ll steal a page from the (alleged) John Edwards playbook next:  reveal he has a child with her, and move her into the neighborhood!

Actually, Sanford seems defiant, which would be 100% consistent with his to-date stupidity on the whole thing.  He may well end up impeached on misuse of travel funds.

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