Jul 302009
  • Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter is an absolutely spectacular beer.  You’d break a date to drink this.
  • I just asked someone on Facebook who would know, and found out that my fifth-grade teacher died several years ago.  I really hated to hear that.  RIP, Sister Anita.  (Edited: I just heard back from my Facebook friend, and she is apologizing profusely for her error.  Sister Anita is no longer teaching, but is very much alive.  Glad to hear it!)
  • Speaking of, I found out this week that my across-the-hall colleague of more than four years and the girl who sat behind me in the seventh grade in another town are first cousins.  That is the kind of thing Facebook is good at, and that you won’t get anywhere else, because how could you?
  • Smellin’ like Chickenfoot in Atlanta with BamaDan next month!
  • Halfway through day 19 as this post appears, and I’m 100% compliant, but the urges haven’t abated nearly as readily as they have in the past.  Oh, wow.  That means I really need to make this one stick.
  • This is just not Tony Kanaan’s year.  Glad you’re all right, man.  Hang in there.  My whole family likes you.  You’re a strong #2 at our house right now, and if Danica goes to NASCAR next year, you’ll comfortably slide into #1.
  • The new Camaro is, sadly, much better in photographs than in the metal.  They’ve pushed the chopped look, which is not even really present in the ’67-’69 car they’re trying to evoke, beyond all reason.  The windows are like gun slits.  Sorry, GM.  Make mine a 2010 Mustang GT.
  • I’m beginning to look forward to a beach trip.
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Jul 282009
  1. Do you think a single person anywhere has read the entire, 1,017-page bill?
  2. Does it concern you that ruling committee Democrats have voted to exempt themselves from the government-run health care plan described by the bill?
  3. Do you believe President Obama’s claim that he will not sign a plan that increases the federal budget deficit?
  4. Do you see a practical, on-the-ground difference between the government directly forcing you out of your current plan, and the government incentivizing your employer to force you out of your current plan?
  5. Can you tell me, in 100 words or less, why you’re in favor of this government-run health care plan?
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Jul 272009

vickMichael Vick was conditionally reinstated to the NFL today.  Essentially, if there is a team that will sign him (of course there is), he is eligible for all team activities except actual games, and he could potentially play in those as early as October.

And I think he could have killed a man and generated less outrage.

I never much liked him, always having found him a thuggish product of a thuggish Virginia Tech football program.  He had his share of trouble before he bankrolled the systematic and ongoing abuse and death of dogs, you know.

But, dig:  he was convicted and has served his sentence.  Heinous as his crime was, what is it about it that makes it (apparently) unforgivable?

He happens to be a professional football player.  On what legal basis should he be prevented from earning a living?

I’m pulling for him, at least partially because I’m entertained by the hysterically excessive reactions of his detractors.  Let’s put his balls through a meat grinderHe needs to be attacked by dogs to get him straighten up! [sic]  Michael Vick should be killed. You know, something tells me that if we watch these same quarters for outrage when prominent people commit heinous crimes against human beings, we’ll find none.

What is that about?

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