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About ten years ago, at a more bad than good job, I met Brent.  We were never close friends, but I traveled and worked with him enough to get to know him a bit.

Brent was, and is, an imposing fellow.  I’d guess he’s 6’3″ and perhaps 240 lbs., but not at all overweight—just a big guy.  He has classically attractive chiseled features, and a big booming voice that brings instant credibility to anything that comes out of his mouth.  I’m (thankfully) not wired for a lot of envy, but I envied that.  Brent could tell you the weather forecast, and you’d pay it more mind than you would the president talking about a nuclear attack.

He occasionally played it for laughs, which is closing on my point (promise).  Once Charlie and I were out on the sidewalk discussing a project.  He came up behind us, put a hand on each of our backs, and said “gentlemen, I’ve been doing a little research.  I’ve examined the findings, and I’ve talked to upper management.  I think there just might be something to this World Wide Web thing.”

Heh.  Thanks, Brent.

So this was also right around the time our esteemed president decided it was a good idea to place his penis in Monica Lewinsky’s mouth, and Brent loved that too.  He’d come up and say “you know, for me, sanfordthe tragic thing that’s being lost in this whole Monica Lewinsky scandal is that it’s just all so terribly romantic.” Heh again.  It was good for a laugh because it was so ridiculous.

Funny how the humor of a decade ago becomes the reality of today.

We know, thanks to an excruciatingly lengthy hand-wringing press conference, as well as multiple embarrassing emails, that South Carolina governor Mark Sanford has had an Argentinian mistress.  I applauded his wife’s absence at the press conference, and greatly appreciated what she has had to say about trying to put her family back together, and screw his political career.  That’s awesomely good sense about what really matters, and it’s too rare anymore.

Except Rush was talking today about how gaga some folks are about the dear governor’s love letters.  “The man was a real romantic with a knack for writing,” gushes “romance coach” Leslie Karsner.  The Associated Press can’t wait for you to know that “South Carolina Governor Tells AP that Mistress Is His Soulmate.”  Any words from anyone about the sanctity of marriage (well, besides his wife)?

Well, the usually-wise Mona Charen did ask “how about avoiding adultery?”  But I mean, hell, she’s a fringe lunatic conservative.

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  6 Responses to ““It’s just all so terribly romantic…””

  1. A friend of mine writes about our culture and how we react to these things: http://worldclassneworleans.blogspot.com/2009/06/toxic-culture-for-heart.html

    It fits well with your theme.

  2. Yep, I’m glad the gov’s wife showed a little back bone. They may or may not work it out in the end, but I detest the political machine that requires the spouse to trot out and act like everything is okay. It’s not okay and she has every right to be angry. Her reaction is way more normal to me. I can look at her and at a glance believe that my ethics are far more aligned with hers then they would be to Hillary’s.

  3. Note to Rush:

    Ipanema is in Brazil. Not Argentina.


  4. Sanford’s wife doesn’t need him. She’s an heiress (to the Skilsaw fortune) and will be just fine without him. I can only imagine her cringing every time he opens his mouth. His latest admission that the woman in Brazil is his ‘soul mate’ but he wants to try to repair his marriage must have gone over with Jenny Sanford like a lead balloon. He’s nutty as hell and if he has a close friend, that friend should tell him to, “SHUT UP!”
    His public declarations of angst are not amusing, just embarrassing.

  5. Mark Steyn pointed out today that it initially seemed likely he’d survive the adultery, but the stupid son-of-a-bitch has slit his wrists for sure with the post-show.

    It’s like braking to keep the car from going over the cliff in the nick of time, then stepping out and falling off.

  6. […] Carolina governor Mark Sanford met with his lover this past weekend.  Isn’t that sweet? […]

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