Nov 122017

I have never liked Roy Moore. Whatever common political ground I have with him has always been far overshadowed by his ignorance and boorish behavior.

I was, nevertheless, prepared to vote for him in the December 12 special election. Chances are excellent that President Trump will nominate another Supreme Court justice, and despite my differences with Trump, I thought he made a fine choice in Neil Gorsuch. The Senate is close; whatever else Moore would be, he’d be a reliable Republican confirmation vote; there you go. Distasteful, but there’s a defensible path through the position.

Social media capture; attribution unknown. If this is your photograph, please let me know.

With the accusations of Leigh Corfman and three other women, however, I will not be voting for Roy Moore. Bluntly, I find his accusers credible, and his “alleged” actions inconsistent with human decency. My alternate-reality girlfriend Katherine Timpf is quite persuasive and instructive in this matter. I also like what David French has to say about faith in God.

Moore needs to be quiet and stay away from nice people. That’d be a good to-do list for the rest of his life.

Democratic opponent Doug Jones seems like a fine fellow, and certainly someone you’d rather have lunch with. However, despite his encouraging rhetoric about compromise and reaching across the aisle, I find nothing on his web site to indicate he’d be anything but a down-the-line Democrat in office.

We need a write-in candidate who is well-known and uncontroversial. State Senator Arthur Orr, on our friendly neighborhood agitator Dale Jackson‘s show, floated Bob Riley. I voted for Riley twice, and I could easily write him in. I think many Alabamians could. Alas, as I type it is only a month until the vote, and we need organization right now. It would logically fall to the Alabama GOP to execute such a plan. However, as they’re the same feckless navel-gazers who gave us Roy Moore, I wouldn’t invest much hope in such.

So there’s not much chance of a satisfactory ending here, kids. Jones or Moore will win.

Perhaps we couldn’t expect any more in the year of Trump and Bentley.

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  10 Responses to “I am not voting for Roy Moore”

  1. What makes them credible to you?

    • Primarily that there are multiple accusers, and that additional people have corroborating testimony.

      Also, “I don’t remember dating any girl without the permission of her parents” isn’t exactly a powerful rejoinder.

  2. Bo,

    You groped my penis a long time ago. You made me feel incredibly uncomfortable then, and now, I’m overwhelmed with shame. With the recent events of sexual harassment coming to light, I finally have the courage to come forward and confront you over your transgressions.

    It’s been written and recorded so it must be credible.

  3. I never liked Roy Moore either. I was prepared to hold my nose and vote for him because Democrats totally turn me off. These new allegations, although not proven, have me thinking of doing a write-in candidate. Enough people doing that and the Republican vote will fracture and that probably means Jones will win. That sucks. I was sort of surprised that Moore beat Strange in the runoff. I didn’t realize Moore was so popular all over the state. I’m not sure Trump can do anything about it since he backed Strange and that didn’t seem to sway many people.

    • Kay Ivey coming out for Moore yesterday is another injection into the whole equation.

      It’s a dark chapter, even for Alabama politics. Fortunately it probably won’t be that long.

      • The thinking might be, let Moore be elected and then let the Congress give him the boot. Then Ivey could choose someone else to finish out Session’s term.

  4. I’m a republican. I can say with almost honesty (cause I cant remember) that I havent voted for a democrat. However I always thought I could depending on the person wearing the title.

    I could never vote for Roy Moore. It has nothing to do with the recent allegations against him although given my opinions of him I am not surprised. He is a man that gained favor in Alabama by abusing the power he was given by his office. Imagine the uproar that would have been created if he refused to remove a Surah from his chambers had been Muslim. I doubt the Alabama faithful would be praising him for his convictions. Move ahead to refusing to uphold a federal mandate on gay marriage. He could never legitimately hold federal office if he doesnt respect federal law, therefore he cannot represent me.

    I believe we have too much of a divide between the right and the left. It would be so nice to have someone run as a moderate. Can you imagine how nice that would be; not to have to listen to the political bantering between both parties?

    • I’m not sure what the answer is, Huey. There is plenty of demonization on both sides. We need lots and lots of folks to realize that thinking, reasonable people can and do reach different conclusions on things.

      I find that most of us want a world that looks pretty similar. We just disagree on how best to get there.

  5. Roy Moore has been a pariah to this part of the State for over 20 years. We should do anything in our power to keep him from getting elected to another office to embarrass us even more.The fact that some people hate gay people so much that they would elect a pedophile is somewhat sickening to me.

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