Aug 032017
  • The boys and I watched Red Dawn last night. They dug it. I enjoyed seeing it again. I wish the remake opportunity hadn’t been so badly squandered.
  • I have eaten at an Indian restaurant perhaps ten times now. I’m sad that I apparently can’t connect with this cuisine like I have all other major Asian cuisines. I never leave hungry, but I also never find anything that makes me say “oh, I have to come back for that.” I want to be a fan. I’m not sure that’s going to happen.
  • It’s love with Mr. Robot. I may actually watch this in real time, when season three comes on month after next. (I’ll still DVR and start 20 minutes late so I can zap commercials.)
  • I will definitely be reviewing an expensive, widely-advertised pair of men’s underwear soon. I am waiting for a superficially similar but considerably less expensive product to arrive so that I may incorporate findings with that product into the review as well.
  • My friend Sarah has recently finished a book on the beer scene in northern Alabama. I’m happy for her and looking forward to purchasing an autographed, beer-glass-ringed copy of it!
  • Chicken wing prices are going up, and expected to continue to do so. This will not impact the frequency of my #hsvhotwings reviews, though if they go high enough I’ll likely reconsider whether $1/wing is a reasonable value threshold.
  • Temperatures aren’t forecast to fall significantly yet, but it appears we do have mostly highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s on deck. It’ll feel like football soon—and thanks to our new HVAC unit, we’re going to escape the summer never having seen a $300 electric bill. I think this will be the first time since Lea stopped working outside the home.

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  1. The price of chicken wings is a travesty. Sometimes you can buy breasts for less-per-pound, and that is always the casr with thighs – my favorite part of the chicken. With wings, we’re paying for mostly bones. This is bullshit and I have stopped buying them in protest.

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