Mar 092017
  • The first green flag of the 2017 IndyCar season is Sunday!
  • A few nights ago, I dreamed I smoked a cigarette. I was sitting on a wall looking out over Logan Martin Lake at twilight, and my companion (don’t know who he was) passed me a pack of Winstons. I shook one out, lit it, and savored it. It was so vivid I woke up feeling guilty.
  • The Volkswagen Atlas is on the way. It looks like VW’s first credible play in the mainstream SUV space. It’s also another model that would have been built here had we landed the plant.
  • I’m standardizing the frequency of my hot wings reviews a bit more. I think you can reasonably expect a new #hsvhotwings review every other week now.
  • The boys and I are loving going through favorite movies of my childhood and young adulthood. It’s amusingly conspicuous that everyone has to use landline phones, though!
  • “Eugene? You didn’t say one wrong thing in that whole conversation!” – Daisy
  • Did you see the slight but non-negligible snow chances next week?

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  2 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #413”

  1. I still dream about smoking, too. You can’t identify your companion because it was all about the cig. There are stressful times when I miss it, but when I encounter someone who reeks of cigarettes or pass a smoker, I am so glad I set them down. I am really not triggered by the smell or by watching a person smoke.

    • I’m not ever triggered per se, like find shaky ground where I’m a threat to smoke. The biggest reactions I have now come from just catching a casual whiff, like across an intersection in traffic with the windows down. That still smells good to me. Many more happy associations than sad ones.

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