Feb 022017
  • So the little girl army of pushers is slinging its crack again. I don’t think it’s fair that Trefoils are one of the most fattening varieties. Their mild sweetness is deceptive.
  • These spy shots seem to confirm the rumors that the C8 Corvette will go to a mid-engine layout to better compete against its European and Japanese rivals.. This is probably also why recent Camaro horsepower escalation is so pronounced. It looks as if the C8 will dispense with any notion of being an attainable dream for a hard-working Everyman, and instead move permanently into the exotic arena. “Starting at $74,995,” perhaps?
  • Lea checked out the Aquatic Cove, an aquarium shop that just moved to the Publix shopping center on County Line from a smaller one a couple of miles south. She said “you will want to set your saltwater tank back up when you go in there.” So I’m saving a little money first.
  • I’m looking forward to the actual game in the Super Bowl for the first time since the Saints went. I’m also going to say Super Bowl a whole bunch, because the NFL is so butt-headed about it. I will be making some Super Bowl food, and my family and I will have a Super Bowl party, while we watch the Super Bowl.
  • I now have two impassioned recommendations of Shameless from two intelligent friends in hand. Perhaps I’ll start it tonight. I’ve gotten in a serious rut of just putting Breaking Bad on again and running it as background noise.
  • Did you see my review of the Madison House of Pizza on Rocket City Mom? (Spoiler: It’s not actually made of pizza.)
  • The new NASCAR rules for 2017 read like satire. Make sure you track all of those “championship points” for the “playoffs” carefully, folks.

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