Feb 252014

Nathan leaves the deck lights on. They’re useful when letting out or putting up the dogs, so that’s when he uses them.

More than once I’ve come home from work to find them blazing merrily away. If they’re on at 5:30 in the afternoon, that generally means they’ve been on since 6:00 that morning. They’re some of the last incandescents installed in the house too, so there’s that. I turn them off, admonish (with a periodic threat of receiving electric bill assistance from Nate’s piggy bank), and reset for next time.

I had the bright idea (ha) of installing LED bulbs out there. He’d still forget, but instead of costing $10 a month to run, they’d cost $20 a year.


So I did that two weekends ago, and you’ve guessed the next part of the story. Now he doesn’t forget anymore. Every evening I come home and peek out expectantly, hoping my kid has validated my decision by screwing up. Every evening, they’re off. He hasn’t forgotten a single time since I swapped those bulbs out.

Yes, I’m glad he’s learned. But it’s going to take forever to recover the cost of these bulbs now.

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