Nov 302013

In my most of 43 years, the 2013 Iron Bowl was, in more than one way, one of the more bizarre football games I’ve ever witnessed. I’ll say that and believe it.

Elite football teams find a way to win. Alabama did not, despite ample opportunity. Therefore, it is not an elite football team.

Alabama has had a fine year. It’s the sixth 10+-win season in a row. That’s awesome. But clearly, it’s not a championship team. That’s fine. You’ll have that.

Congratulations to Auburn. Best for all that lies ahead. We’ll see you November 29, 2014.

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  7 Responses to “Yes, the 2013 Iron Bowl smarts, and I won’t make excuses”

  1. Saban lost that game when he went for it on 4th & 1 late instead of kicking. But props to Auburn. They never quit. Roll Tide anyway.

  2. I’m stunned, but you should have seen me calling the rules. He can run, he can run it back!

    Games like these probably exercise our heart muscles in a good way, right?

  3. Jenny, I’m usually on the correct side of such calls, but this time I was with Coach Saban. I was thinking “stake through the heart. Get a first down and bleed the clock right the hell out.” I’m sure that’s what he was thinking too.

    ‘seester, the very end was so freakin’ bizarre that I never had a chance to have a coronary experience. I believed to the last, minus a score or two seconds. So the emotional progression wasn’t customary.

  4. I would’ve been more on Saban’ s side if he had put in Drake instead of an obviously gimpy Yeldon. Don’t know why Drake disappeared in the 2nd half. Still trying to fully process this one.

    • I don’t understand that either. My recollection was that Drake consistently ran all over Auburn, while Yeldon was a coin-flip.

  5. Yeldon had 140+ yards on the day and never once missed a blitz pick-up. The whole series that ended in the 4th and 1 was strange. AU smartly stacks the box waiting for Yeldon. Might be time to let the QB leader execute at least one bootleg. FSU of the 80s had to endure plenty of painful special teams losses too. It’s part of it all. But it might be time to ask Bobby Williams to step down and if I’m Jimmy Sexton, the only coach I’m floating to Texas is Malzahn.

    Next season should be interesting. On to the Orange Bowl (probably).

    • It seemed to me that Yeldon was a lot dicier up the middle—like where we’d probably try to get that one yard—the whole game than Drake’s few runs. But, we see our own versions of things sometimes.

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