Oct 312013

You didn’t read it. I know you didn’t. Almost no one did.

The main reason you didn’t read it, and the main reason that almost no one did?

“If you like your current health plan, you can keep your current health plan.” – Barack Obama

That’s what did it. Your thinking goes “OK, this is going to help some people who need it, but it won’t affect my health care, with which I’m generally pleased. So yes, I’m in favor.”

Obamacare would have never passed without the above unambiguous and ceaselessly repeated assertion, which, alas, has turned out to be one of the most egregious, sustained, and remorseless lies a president has ever told.

Now that we know it’s a lie, and now that we’ve seen Obama’s scornful reaction to the outrage, I need you to walk with me a bit. We’ve got to get this turned back. This law has already done significant damage. We need to stop it from doing any more.

The first thing you can do is tell your representatives in Congress that you expect them to support efforts to extend existing 2013 policies to 2014. That will buy a little bit of time for more extensive repair.

The second thing you can do is never trust Barack Obama again. He regards you and me with contempt and derision. You support his way, or you’re deranged, evil, or both. Never forget it.

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  7 Responses to “Dear Obamacare supporters:”

  1. What PBO meant was “If I like your current health plan, you can keep your current health plan.”

    He has lied about this since the initial push, it is just a shame that there are so many people who are uninformed and listen to words in speeches, not actions.

    Right now the plan of attack for the administration to deflect this is to blame the evil insurance companies for cancelling plans, not admitting that the new law prevents said companies from providing a plan. Any options for the private consumer are being taken away. The cancellations for company plans have not even started going out yet – I look for a wave of that after the end of the calendar year 2013.

    The plan could be to have this fail so that we “have to expedite a single-payer system since so many people will be without coverage.”

  2. I’m not so concerned about an immediate push for single payer because a) it’ll never get through the House; and b) there are too many vulnerable Democrats in the Senate for them to ignore their flanks headed into midterms.

    I am one of the more fortunate. Lea and I have satisfied requirements of a wellness program this year to get a premium break in ’14, and the net result is that my baseline health care costs are going up “only” about 30% next year, with coverage remaining comparable.

    I deeply hope we get something done about this awful law between now and open enrollment next year, though, because I think it’ll be a much worse story then. We need to make the most of this opportunity for increased awareness.

  3. I dunno… you can say that it’ll never get through the House but I would have said that a LOT of things would have been passed/stopped before as well. As long as the Speaker shows a notable lack of testicular fortitude, the House will fall into line again and again. And they’ve yet to actually come up with an antidote of their own accord, despite ample time to do so.

    I am terrified for my own plan. My company has sent out the requisite info letters with little or no details as to what’s forthcoming. Since no one working there has gotten so much as a cost-of-living adjustment to their pay in the last five years, I don’t feel great about them keeping this benefit either.

  4. Don’t forget, the large company mandate was delayed by a year. So we will have another horrible round heading into 2015.

  5. The one bright spot: The whole website “glitch” has really exposed the nasty underbelly of this thing, yes? I honestly don’t think that Valerie J and the Gang thought that so much about this whole deal was going to be so PUBLIC. Even the “mainstream” media, you know, the ones that think we are all deranged, raaaaacist, black helicopter, tinfoil hat types, have started doing serious reporting on it. More and more details are coming out every day that are making many wake up and say, “WTF?” No bid, $93M site now over $500M, officer of company classmate of Michelle, WH knew over a month ago that it wouldn’t be ready, and the list goes on and on. Now if only the GOPers in DC will DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!

    And I’m with Kelly. I have pinned my hopes on the House too many times now and am feeling like Charlie Brown when he runs at that football knowing all the while that Lucy is going to jerk it away from him at the last minute. John Boehner has no balls. Not one. And the others? Mitch Mc, John Mc – they’re just as ball-less. Mitch got a sweet deal in the latest “showdown” that wasn’t and John Mc is getting senile, I swear to God.

  6. Just in case you missed this….http://www.forbes.com/sites/theapothecary/2013/09/23/its-official-obamacare-will-increase-health-spending-by-7450-for-a-typical-family-of-four/

    So, you might be able to keep your coverage it will just cost you a lot more. I am basically getting to pay for the privilege of being a doctor between this and my taxes. I just don’t think anything is going to be done about it.

    • If anything is too big for The One to evade, this is. It will hurt too many people too deeply not to. Worse, Obama is so consumed by hubris he can’t do anything but step on the accelerator and make another increasingly batty-because-of-its-obliviousness speech.

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