Jul 032013

Another platter of candy and ice cream for everyone!  (Vegetables later.)

Apparently by executive fiat, the Obama administration is postponing the Obamacare employer mandate by one year.

As reported here, this rather unfortunate (for the Obama administration) development was probably meant to be dribbled out this evening, so that some substantial percentage of it would dissolve in beer, barbecue, and fireworks.  But, thanks to a couple of reporters who were (apparently) actually doing their jobs, it made today’s news cycle.

Now I’m not going into Obama’s sustained contempt for the law.  Having faced no consequences for his tyranny to this point, the surprise would be if he suddenly stopped acting like a dictator, not that he has continued to do so.

I’m also not going into that Obamacare is not only expensive, ineffective, and authoritarian, it’s actually actively and severely destructive to the economy.  A majority of the country disapproves of it, but a majority of the country is not calling our esteemed president on the carpet for continuing to shove it down our throats.

(I do also fully expect Obama’s fawning sycophants to have some reading on this postponement other than he’s kicking it past the ’14 election.  “Reporting requirements,” indeed.)

What I am saying is that if there is a single leader left in the Republican Party, now is the time for a sustained rhetorical and legislative assault on the Obamacare travesty.  I would hope planning for such has already occurred, as this postponement has been plausible for some time.  (Though I’ll confess I did envision it as occurring in Congress, not as a decree of The One.)  I further hope that it didn’t come today precisely because of the Independence Day holiday.

Go toe-to-toe.  Be ready for anything Obama’s Chicago mob-style attack machine will throw at you.  Win with truth.  Let’s get some hearts and minds not only back, but excited.

Bring it Monday, please.

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  4 Responses to “Obamacare employer mandate postponed until after the ’14 election”

  1. The only one I hear talking right now is Cruz. One man isn’t going to be able to do it alone.

    We can’t wait for Congress to act.

  2. We need an unorthodox, sustained, charismatic rhetorical campaign.

    And we both know how laughable the prospects of such are.

    I can’t believe all those well-paid jackasses up there can’t do any better than they’re doing.

  3. Well, I didn’t see my student council doing a great job in high school, either. And that’s all that this is turning out to be — a projection of high school politics. Very few of them take it seriously, or see past this being a great big popularity contest.

    That’s why I said we can’t wait for Congress to act. We need the grassroots to mobilize as they did in ’10. We need them lit up and ready to march again. What I don’t understand is why the Becks and the Hannitys and the Palins are sitting on their hands and not getting people fired up. Why they’re not planning anything. There needs to be a rallying cry.

    Do we have to wait for troops to fire on citizens before we act? Do we need to have any more scandals break? We’ve run out of other shoes to drop.

    Do we need to do something on the scale of what’s happening in Cairo right now? I don’t know. Maybe. I’d hate to see it come to that, but I don’t trust the public to be smart enough to vote correctly anymore, and there won’t be 536 vacancies inside the Beltway any other way.

  4. I’ve never—never—been so disgusted with the impotence of Republican/conservative opposition as I am right now. There is no unity. There is no intelligent coordination. The few people with decent ideas are standing in the linen closet whispering. The ostensible “leaders” who should be organizing a sustained and principled counterstrike are standing around shaking their heads and saying “yeah, this sure sucks. Is there any more Scotch?”

    I think it’s now or never. I think if the Republican Party can’t put together a sustained, liberty-loving, Constitution-based counterattack to what’s going on, it will die.

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