Feb 292012

There are many things lost on today’s left.  The one notion I think I most wish I could correct is that opposing a government program to do x is the same thing as opposing x.

I think fighting poverty is a noble and correct societal goal.  The U.S. government has spent $4,000,000,000,000, give or take, on it since LBJ declared war on it most of 50 years ago.  Are there fewer poor people?

Liberals, I think a lot of you don’t want to explore issues at all.  I think you want to believe anything the left-wing hate machine churns out about conservatism.  I also think a lot of you are so eager to lay any concern for the needy on the government so you can rationalize not doing anything else about it yourself.

But if you consider yourself a liberal who is genuinely after greater understanding, try to hear where those on the other side of the aisle are coming from.  Despite the hysterical shrieking from far too many on your side about fiscal conservatives actively killing the needy with their ruthless policies, the right is keenly interested in opportunity for everyone.  It’s just that we insist on asking tough questions about the effects of being on the government dole long-term, unfunded mandates in the tens of trillions of dollars, and such.

(There are also all those pesky questions about personal liberty that always seem to “intrude” in such discussions.)

Jesse Jackson is delighted that a record number of Americans have gone on food stamps during the Barack Obama administration.  That such a sentiment enjoys credibility in polite company anywhere is a travesty.  Fostering government dependency is stupid, and celebrating it is evil.

Listen to a fiscal conservative talk, liberals.  Is s/he advocating pain and death for those less fortunate?  Or is s/he questioning the wisdom of perpetuating—nay, expanding—demonstrably ineffective government programs?

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