Dec 012011

OK, so:  I have a female friend for a decade or longer.  I regularly give her money.  My wife doesn’t know about her.

Can you think of a way to finish that narrative innocuously?

Thank you, Mr. Cain.  Please drive through.

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  6 Responses to “Herman Cain is done”

  1. Yeah…. DUMB ASS. talk about a spiral of denial.

  2. Dumbass, indeed.

    If there is fire here, then why did he apparently think this wouldn’t come up?

    If it’s just smoke, then why did he handle it so badly?

  3. Guess we are stuck with Newt, cuz no way the wacco far right christians will let a “cultist” in the whitehouse.

  4. Newt has a long and storied history of overinterpreting his successes. We’re still well inside the window where that could happen. See my earlier post this week on the topic.

    I don’t know whether I think there’d be enough anti-LDS sentiment to keep Romney out or not. I would think if there’s any significant amount of it out there, it would come from a lot of the same quarters as the belief that Obama is a Muslim, which would seem to trump any concerns about Mormonism.

    But I said there was no way McCain was getting the nomination last time, so there you go.

  5. I’m still mystified. I don’t find it difficult to imagine him doing this sort of thing. I just cannot fathom why anyone would run for president with those sorts of things in the closet? Although her lesbian lover of 12 years or so during the same time frame said she never mentioned Cain. What the hell are these people doing? I am so confused.

  6. Tony Hawk for President

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