Mar 282011

Everyone stop pretending Donald Trump is a legitimate candidate for president.

Not that there aren’t many other reasons to consider the prospect thoroughly ludicrous, but dig:  Donald Trump won’t shake hands.  No person who won’t shake hands can win the presidency.

I was no big Bob Dole fan, but honestly, I always wondered just how much his inability to use his right arm—and therefore his inability to deliver a customary handshake—hurt his campaign.  It’s not just face-to-face that it matters, either.  I always thought it was funny-looking when I’d see him on television and he’d grab an extended right hand with his left and give it that weird little clutch-and-bob.  I knew full well why he was doing it, and it was still dissonant.  There’s something about it that’s bigger than the facts.

So what’s Trump going to look like never touching anybody at all?

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  4 Responses to “Germophobes can’t be president”

  1. Trump isn’t a candidate. Trump is there to force the issues everyone else dances around. Sort of a foil to George Soros.

  2. Sheesh, can he even be any good at that? Is the country at large taking him more seriously than I am?

    Now on the other hand, I’d love for John Bolton to be a major determinant of foreign policy conversation.

  3. None of the current Republican hopefuls thrill me. Trump, Palin, Bachmann, Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich, Pawlenty, etc… just do absolutely nothing for me. Every single one of them has some major flaw that turns me off.

    I was getting kinda excited about Herman Cain, but then he made his comment about not naming any Muslims to his cabinet if he were elected, and my excitement was quickly dampened.

    Honestly? At this point I’d be happy with anyone but Obama and hopeful that whoever that somebody was would just be a caretaker and keep the country in neutral for four years.

    Then, come 2016, I could become truly excited about Chris Christie and / or Allen West.

  4. Falcon, I hear ya. I’m a Ron Paul guy, and he’s got the same chances as last time. Nevertheless, try to keep the faith. Even McCain managed 173 electoral votes.

    I think there’s ample understanding among all conservatives and most independents that Obama must not win reelection. Ranks will close, and the shrieking liberal base won’t be enough to keep him.

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