Feb 232010

It’s been a while since I have, but I’m pretty weary of blogging about Obamacare.  Hopefully there will soon be little further need.

Our esteemed president, despite the opposition of a substantial majority of American citizens, is bringing essentially the failed Senate plan to Thursday’s “health care summit.”  Moreover, there are rumblings that he and Harry Reid are willing to use the budget reconciliation process to get it through the Senate, thereby requiring only a simple majority and not a filibuster-proof majority of 60, which was lost when Republican Scott Brown won Kennedy’s old Senate seat.

(Still feels weird to type that, but there it is.)

None of this should be surprising.  It’s a gigantic “fuck you” to the American people, and surely it is now obvious to even the most casual observer that Barack Obama is a “fuck you” kind of guy.

(No, I have that wrong.  It’s that you don’t appreciate what he’s trying to do for you, you stupid son-of-a-bitch.)

The president’s “summit” is not a good faith effort to negotiate.  This should be clear not only from the aforementioned lack of real change in the proposal, but in the steady stream of lies issuing from places like the White House web site and Robert Gibbs’ cakehole (“Republicans have no alternative plans” being the most blatantly dishonest claim).

Instead, it’s a trap, but a simply laid one, and rather late in the game, assuming the 2010 elections are as significantly negative for the Democrats as anticipated.  Let’s have a good and principled showing, and here’s hoping enough senators’ self-interests prevail and turn this affront to liberty and responsibility back one more time.

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