Apr 142009

My sister recently got me a gift certificate to 80stees.com.  (Thanks, Jenny!)  There is a lot of cool stuff there.

I’ve always particularly liked shirts that reference some fictional entity from a show or movie, but that don’t include the name of the show or movie on them.  To me an Initech shirt is so much funnier if it doesn’t say “Office Space” on it, for example.  It’s a little fill-in-the-blank component to the joke that makes it funnier for both the reader and the wearer.  It’s kind of a “what you don’t say” motif, you know?

That being the case, I’d love a Vandelay Industries shirt, but the one at 80stees.com doesn’t qualify.  However, these are looking good to me:


No rush.  Part of the fun of the gift certificate is the shopping.

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  6 Responses to “The fill-in-the-blank semi-obscure reference funny T-shirt”

  1. “Sweep The Leg”

  2. It’s a great line, but man, he’s so hostile. It might bring too much negative energy to my goofy T-shirt.

  3. “Get him a bodybag!”

    And what good is an 80’s Tee Shirt Shop without a Roy Batty “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.” quote?

  4. Oh man, there are TONS of Vandelay Industries shirts (and souvenirs) at http://www.cafepress.com/hoganstore/2424298 . I’ve gotten several things there.

  5. BamaDan: Good call.

    DecaturHeel: I don’t have a gift certificate there. 🙂

  6. Love them both! Hard call. I would think the Ferris one would get the most funny looks so I would go with that one.

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