Apr 252009

Spotted at a tea party:


Be sure to watch for my report card on Obama’s first 100 days, coming this Wednesday.  (I do so hate to spoil it, but I don’t think he’s going to get very good grades.)

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Apr 242009

gt500krDo you like convertibles?  I like convertibles.  I’ve never owned one, but Dad had a few here and there when I was growing up.  He picked Jenny and me up from school once in this 1968 Shelby Mustang GT500KR.  We sat on the folded top and held the roll bar as he drove around the circle and off the grounds (which we absolutely ruled for that brief period of time).

Good times.  ‘Course, that’s probably a federal crime now.

Do you remember the convertible-less years?  There weren’t any American mass-market convertibles for sale from 1977 to 1983.  We have Lee Iacocca to thank for their return.  Shortly after he got to Chrysler, Lido had the top lopped off a LeBaron, drove it around, and stopped traffic everywhere he went.  Chrysler brought ’em back, and everyone else followed.

Convertibles are special.  They convey a certain whimsy, and there are two rules for their use.  If you’re not going to comply, then you are not allowed to get a convertible:

1.  If rain is neither present nor imminent, and the temperature is between 60º and 80º, put the top down. There is nothing more pathetic than a motorist fortunate enough to have an open-air car on a heavenly day driving around closed in.  Well, except for the doofus with the top down and the windows up.

cates2.  When the top goes down, the windows go down. Do you have any idea how ridiculously precious driving a top-down, windows-up convertible looks?  Men, you look prissy.  Women, you look bitchy.  Are you so delicate, so spectacularly coiffed, that a little crosswind willl sully your perfection?  Please.  Just get an Accord with a sunroof and be done with it, wuss.  The only person who ever looked cool with a window up was Jack Cates, and that eternally-up rear quarter probably didn’t work.

I’m glad we’re clear on these things now.

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Apr 232009
  • Drove the truck yesterday for Earth Day.  Driving it today because it might rain, and my clown car is clean.
  • Don’t be too cool for/dismissive of stuff that’s supposedly “for kids.”  Have you seen The Incredibles?  When is the last time you played with Legos?
  • Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell has (again) declared that we are being visited by extraterrestrial intelligent lifeforms.  This time, however, he’s giving the gummint until the end of May to come clean, before he starts putting out the proof on his own.  Bring it, man.  (I find it mathematically absurd to categorically exclude the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligent life—but I also generally find it mathematically absurd to suggest we’re being visited.)
  • Up is down.  Nonsense is being passed off as wisdom.  These are crazy times, and we should prepare for crazier times.  Go read Victor Davis Hanson’s column today.  Or don’t.  Hope, change, and what-not.
  • Kiss has established a precious vote-for-your-city system to determine the locations of their 2009 U.S. tour, which likely means we’ll be driving a bit to see it (should ticket prices come in somewhere under the car payment; hardly a given anymore).  I think Huntsville was around 140 the last time I looked.  As big a fan as I am, and despite that it’s been nine years since I’ve seen them, I’ve still really had my fill—but it would be cool to take the older boy if the fruit lines up.
  • Warner Bros. is offering to exchange your Warner Bros. HD DVDs for Blu-ray discs for $4.95 each (hat tip, Paul).  It’s too late for me to take advantage for a lot of mine, but I just checked, and I have three I could swap.
  • Thingsyoushouldnottwitter.com.  Consistently boneheaded; occasionally funny; and definitely NSFW.
  • Some problems are easy, and some problems are difficult.  Difficult problems tend to be so because they are complex, consequential, or both.  Don’t compound such a problem with manufactured urgency.  Take a breath.  Think.  Pray.  Bring your best self to it.
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Apr 222009

I’m totally shot tonight.  I apologize, dear readers.  It’s a little Blu-ray escapism, and then off to bed for me.  Back tomorrow.

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Apr 212009

So what did all of those late ’60s/early ’70s hippies who spent all of their time baked and/or tripping eventually do with themselves?

Well, I don’t know what else they did, but it definitely appears they produced public service announcements that ran during Saturday morning cartoons in the late ’70s.

“Look!  A wagon wheel!”

(What is Timer, anyway?)

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