Dec 292008

Well, I guess today contained our last scheduled Christmas break activities.  It was fun having lunch with Uncle Bill today.  He’s doing well.  I’ll tell you, though, I wish that whole “urban renewal” concept would hit Birmingham.  In Hoover (where Bill lives) and a few other suburbs, there are earth-movers and cranes everywhere, even now—while Birmingham itself seems to get a little dirtier, emptier, and scarier each year.

After we got back, we picked up my dear mother-in-law and went to the Galaxy of Lights at the Huntsville Botanical Garden, and closed out the evening with a steak at Lone Star.

Tomorrow morning, I have to fix the washer.  I think there’s a 90+% chance it needs the same motor coupling I replaced three years ago.

Tonight, it’s a bit more Gears of War 2 before bed.

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