Oct 102019
  • Well, that was one of the more extreme meltdowns I can recall. Sure am glad I didn’t have a dozen people over to watch the game.
  • I was reminded of this 2014 post while Nathan dealt with something this week. He pulled his fat out of the fire, but it was close and stressful. Kids (adults too, if you need to hear it), shepherd your interests steadily and methodically. Budget time for pitfalls. With very few exceptions, no one is looking out for you except you, and it doesn’t take malice or even particular incompetence for things to go wrong.
  • We have an honest-to-goodness soup/chili football day forecast on Saturday! A cool afternoon will fall into the 40s by evening, and it might even be 30-something when we go to church Sunday morning.
  • Saw It Chapter Two with Nathan last weekend. We enjoyed it—the casting and visuals were both excellent—but I don’t think I like the film enough to own it. The ending needed more fidelity to the book in a couple of ways, primarily. (Well, one casting clunk: the young Beverly is irresistible, and the adult Beverly is meh.)
  • I’m reestablishing my good health habits and practices after an unfortunate, for-the-usual-not-good-enough-reasons lapse. Funny thing—when I’m taking care of myself, I sleep mostly fine. When I’m not taking care of myself, I sleep a little worse, but still mostly fine. But when I’m moving from unhealthy back to healthy, wow, does my sleep take a hit. I need to remember this circadian upheaval as additional motivation to stay the course.
  • My friend Suzy posted this article on Facebook. In this Runners’ World survey of women, 84% of the respondents have been harassed while running. This is infuriating. Men, obviously don’t harass women, but you know what else you can do? Call it out if/when you see it. Shame the perpetrators.
  • I have several good local food reviews in the hopper. Watch this space.

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