Oct 032019
  • Folks, ideally, the only people who can hear a speakerphone are on the call. If you can produce such conditions, then do so.
  • Scott Dixon and Will Power tested the new IndyCar aeroscreen extensively at Indianapolis yesterday and have given it their thumbs-up. I’m not crazy about how it looks, but there’s little doubt it would have saved Justin Wilson‘s life, and maybe even Dan Wheldon‘s. We’ll get used to it, fans.
  • Want a good life tip? Sure you do. Get a small battery backup/uninterruptible power supply (like what you plug a computer into) for your bedside table. At my house, such keeps my alarm clock and our cordless phone running for several hours, and gives me a lamp if I need it for a moment too. (And with your router and modem plugged into one, and a battery for Alexa…)
  • What’s the game of the weekend? Looks like Auburn-Florida to me. It appears that College Game Day agrees.
  • In January 1994, I was first paid as a technical writer. I had a really good time working at Intergraph Corporation. The company doesn’t exist independently anymore, but many of its products do, and old ‘graphers who still work at Hexagon AB are celebrating Intergraph’s 50th anniversary. Wow!
  • Only a week to go until El Camino!
  • Sunday. The weather breaks Sunday.

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