May 162019
  • They are already just a whisper under 229 mph at practice for the Indianapolis 500. Ed Carpenter’s pole speed last year was 229.618. You can catch the Fast Nine Shootout and the Last Row Shootout on NBC on Sunday at 11, with Saturday’s qualifying on NBC Sports Gold and NBCSN. Hope the weather holds.
  • I managed to pick another canceled-after-one-season show to watch. I’m going to have to start asking that question before I start. Game of Silence started strong, but I get the impression there is too little story for its ten episodes. Seems like there’s an awful lot of hand-wringing and exposition that actually isn’t. I’m at the end of the sixth episode now, and likely done.
  • I tried to go back to my Windows phone a few days ago, and it didn’t work out. It was fairly lowball hardware when I got it, and the interceding four years have done it no favors. It’s just too slow and erratic. The failure of Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile is easily my biggest tech heartbreak. I thought nothing would ever eclipse the death of Palm OS.
  • I’ve worked up to getting all of my steps even on my fasting day. I’ve really appreciated how mindless this is. It’s so much easier for me to follow than anything else I’ve tried—and it’s working.
  • Our Duluth Trading is slated to open June 6—three weeks from today.
  • I had Drake’s sushi for the first time yesterday. It was fine, but it was no less expensive than I ? Sushi or Rock n Roll Sushi, and it wasn’t as good as those. I’ll stick to burgers at Drake’s.
  • Wendy runs on prayers. Yes, she does. A longtime friend muses and inspires here. You should follow her.

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