Jul 262018
  • Holy crap. X (X!) is playing Lowe Mill in September and I didn’t know it until this morning. Glad I found out in time to get tickets.
  • I’d have loved a larger crowd at Good Shepherd Tuesday night for 8 Days and 30 minutes of Q&A afterward, but we did have about 75 folks come out, and that’s 75 more than we’d have had without the event. So I’m thankful for that. I’m pretty sure we picked up a couple of warriors, too.
  • So I asked several weeks ago what the big deal was about Trader Joe’s, and why I should care if we ever have one. Apparently the take-and-cook family meals are excellent, and one friend mentioned inexpensive smoked salmon. I didn’t hear anything else that turned me on.
  • Tau has an intriguing premise and the production design is decent, but that’s about it. Not recommended.
  • So comedian Patton Oswalt recently made some news for a manufactured Twitter kerfuffle, and whilst sniffing around it I noticed that he and Meredith Salenger married last year. Wow, dude. She seriously haunted my dreams 30 years ago and still looks amazing.
  • Apparently the nickname of the incoming Madison baseball team will be one of these ten finalists. Which is your pick? I think Space Chimps is mine.
  • My favorite new old band this week, courtesy one of my ever-wandering Pandora stations, is Shooting Star.

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  1. None of the name choices matter. It’s preordained from before they started taking submissions. But, hey, genius marketing – EVERYBODY is talking about the team.

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