Mar 232017
  • I met Conni for lunch at Cahoots in Hartselle today. What a visually fascinating place! Looking forward to taking Lea over there.
  • I showed Nathan True Romance this week. I love this film, though I’d forgotten how quirky the score is. It’s almost playful, though given most of what happens on-screen, it’s disconcerting rather than calming.
  • Hopefully, my combat with our dishwasher is near an end. Its new drain pump is installed, and its new inlet valve will be tomorrow evening. Probably another $100-150 saved, thanks to
  • The new Formula 1 season is upon us. Here’s hoping the changes to the cars will make for better competition. (They certainly look better.)
  • I was on vacation when we had to change the damned clocks this time, so it was largely transparent to me. I’ll have to remember that.
  • We might be done with any reasonable prospect of a freeze. Guess I’d better cut the onions this weekend.
  • Posts (and/or possibly post series) in progress: A wet shaving primer; best and worst ROI for high quality in daily use items; and a new feminist manifesto.

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