Apr 102015

Did you know there’s a cemetery at University Dr. and Research Park Boulevard? It even has a name. It’s called East Cemetery. I noticed a headstone or two sitting in traffic one day, and assumed no more than a few graves were there. Actually dozens rest here.


There are several acres. It’s deceptively large.


Here is a couple who’s been here almost exactly 100 years.


Here is a World War I veteran who lived to see the end of World War II.


I figured most folks would have been here a good while, but here is someone who was buried as recently as 2009.


It was an intriguing and reflective stop ahead of meeting Melanie for lunch today.


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  5 Responses to “The cemetery in front of Burlington Coat Factory”

  1. Yes, I wonder about that place every time I am over there. I have often wondered if there was a geocache there to draw people in and reflect on those resting there.

    • Oh, wow, it’s premium geocaching territory. I bet the cemetery has more than one.

      It’s a pleasingly disarming little place.

  2. Thanks for sharing photos! I have been wanting to look around there. It’s fun to think about what that area would have looked like 100 years ago!

    • My dad told me that right after my parents married and they were living in Athens and he was working in Huntsville, he’d come in on 72 and the first traffic light was at…


      Not 100 years ago, but almost 50!

  3. when we moved to huntsville, jordan lane was the city limits. Huntsville was dry but county was wet. Jordan lane had road houses in several locations and they were active. Univ dr was not there but old monrovia rd and holmes ave were. To the south, the city limits had just been moved to drake. It was one lane, no gravel, just red clay. When it got wet, it was slick as snot and you couldnt drive it. It only went to braham springs anyway. Whitesburg drive was all cotton fields to the west from drake past lily flag and concrete and it was the only road to bham. This was 1953. I remember seeing mountain lion tracks up on drake near the top of the hill to the south where they were building new roads and homes. Followed tracks to a large hole in the ground, never did see that cat. Airport road had nothing on it,,,until you got to the airport. I think we had 2-3 flights per day,,,Martin 404s mainly, Southern airways,,,,

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