Dec 112014
  • If current trends hold, in just another month or two the tallest person in my household will be 13 years old, not 43.
  • I like my new phone a lot, though I’ve found a couple of minor bugs. I’m enjoying Cortana more as I learn how to talk to her. The location-based stuff is pretty trick, though not being able to set current location as a favorite with a single action from inside Cortana strikes me as a significant UI blunder.
  • On my commute, there is a mud flap that came off a large truck lying in the road. It’s been there for three days. There are screws sticking up on it. Isn’t this the kind of thing a police officer should at least get off the pavement? It would take him/her two minutes. I would do it myself, but I can’t pull off safely where it is. Something like…oh, a police light bar would make it easy.
  • No surprise the playoff committee went with Ohio State, is it? Avoid the Big 12 question entirely that way. Oh, and the committee saying the conference’s declaration of co-champions figured into it is lame. You can look at a head-to-head result whether the Big 12 “officially” does or not.
  • I may try our Christmas Eve shrimp with royal reds this year.
  • The saga of Harvard professor Ben Edelman being overcharged $4 for Chinese food is compelling, jaw-dropping reading. He apologized yesterday.
  • Got the Christmas hot sauce box this week. Looking forward to trying some of my new ones, but I need to make some space first. I think I have ten open bottles right now.

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  4 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #312”

  1. Have you notified anyone about the mudflap?

    Related: there is an app for reporting various city improvements (potholes, etc). Not sure if more immediate needs can go through that channel.

    • Amanda, I didn’t notify anyone, but that was kind of the point I was making. If I’ve driven by it three times, how many times has a police cruiser been by it? Or a city services truck?

  2. If current trends hold, in the next year, I will be the shortest person in my household. I’m 5′ 8″.

    • Aaron hasn’t hit his huge spurt yet, and it remains to be seen whether he’s got more my genes or Lea’s for height. (This is all my father-in-law in Nathan. I’m 5’10”. Nathan’s going to be 5’11” at 13 years old, potentially on his way to 6’3″ or so.) So Lea’s got a little way to go before she’s the shortest in the house, but she’ll get there in probably six years at the most.)

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