Oct 262014


  • …didn’t know anything about popular music. He never knew anything about what I was listening to, and he didn’t even reliably follow his own favorites, like Billy Joel and Neil Diamond. I understand it now.
  • …would try to fix some cheap something-or-other instead of replacing it. He would sit and fuss with low-quality crap trying to squeeze some more life out of it, rather than just getting another one. I understand it now.
  • …couldn’t remember everything he ever said to me. He would say something in a casual moment about something he’d like to do with me, or a view he had, and then he’d be surprised by what he said when I brought it up months later. I understand it now.
  • …complained about electricity usage. He would make quite a big deal of it when I left the TV or a light on. Griped about the thermostat too. Never got it. I understand it now.
  • …was tired when I wasn’t. He’d go right to sleep sitting on the couch. I understand it now.

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  2 Responses to “I used to couldn’t believe it when my dad…”

  1. I still don’t understand anything my mother did.

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