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The Fitbit Zip is a pretty nifty pedometer that uses Bluetooth to sync your progress to the Fitbit site whenever you’re in range.

Unfortunately, even with normal use, the silicone clip with which it ships eventually wears out. This exposes the uncomfortable and potentially damaging metal end of the clip.


Now the Zip retails for $59.99. Even though it typically streets for $9-12 less, I suspect there is still significant profit in each one. This is not an item sold at a loss, OK? There’s no need to sell an accessory with a huge margin to cover for it, as with some business models.

So to me, it’s pretty rude that the Fitbit people want a whopping $14.95 for a replacement clip for it.

If you have a damaged Fitbit clip and want to make do with it, here’s how you can fix it:

  1. Pull the sheath past the exposed metal end enough to have decent surface area for super glue (cyanoacrylate).
  2. Squeeze the edges to open the gap, and put a single drop of super glue in it.
  3. Clamp as in the photo. Use a small spring clamp or a binder clamp to hold the sheath shut, and a pen or pencil to keep pressure off the repair until it sets.


This isn’t as attractive as an intact clip, but it keeps $15 in your pocket. In my experience, the repair lasts a couple of months.


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  22 Responses to “Repairing a Fitbit Zip clip”

  1. THANK YOU!!! I just bought this DAMN thing and NO ONE answers me at FitBit so using your instructions, I FIXED it!! YAY!!

  2. I agree ….. why do they have to charge so much for a replacement clip. We have already bought the item and want to continue using it. On one hand I just want to buy it but on the other I am thinking for the price of a new clip and the shipping (which is ridiculous also) I should just buy a whole new fitbit

    • It’s a shameless gouge. They could probably make 100% profit on it selling it for $7.95. Instead? More more more. (Apple accessories, anyone?)

      I’m really kind of surprised no one’s swooped in with an aftermarket item by now.

  3. You’re a lifesaver!

  4. Thank you! Mine just broke and when I saw the cost of the replacement I was kinda mad!!

  5. Why not just snip off the metal that sticks out the end. It’ll still clip on firmly without the extra 1/4 inch of metal.

    • Good thought, but I think it would just move the problem further up. The design of the clip puts force on the end every time you use it, which is what causes the issue in the first place. If you clipped the metal off, I think it would just expose a new end to do the same thing.

      Really surprised no one’s out with a trick $7-9 third-party solution for this yet.

  6. My zip case just broke for the second time. The first time, it was only 6 months old, and the Fitbit folks replaced it free for me. Now, the new one has broken and I know I cannot keep getting a free one!! I love my fitbit but it is ridiculous what they are charging for a new case. Sigh…

  7. Thanks for the repair tip -I have also gorilla glued Hillman 1/4 inch screw protectors (Found at Lowes in specialty hardware bins) on the end with reliable results –

  8. After seeing posts about the clip failure, I decided to clip it to a lanyard and wear it around my neck. No clipping it on and off so I expect it will not have a problem or fall off. Works great. Very happy with it.

  9. For those lucky ones among you who have found the end of your broken clip (as I just did, to my great surprise), have you tried super gluing that, and if so, how did it work out for you? Would love to hear your observations.

    • Kristine,

      I used super glue for both mine and my wife’s. I’m sad to say that it only held up for a few weeks. We are both runners, so, I’m not sure if that changes anything or makes them more prone to wear out sooner rather than later. But, that has been our experience so far. Best of luck!

  10. Thank you! I am on my second clip in 8 months. Second one didn’t last 3 months. Love my fitbit but replacing the clip is ridiculous!
    By the way, to previous commenters: wearing the fitbit around your neck is not as accurate.

  11. Yes! My husband has been using some electrical tape to tape mine, but this looks better and probably has less chafing!

  12. Glue works great – I used a drop of Gorilla glue and so far it’s going no where!!

  13. I just cut a band aid sticky side and taped over the medal ends and it has worked for me. Cheap save.

  14. When mine fell off the first time, I contacted Fitbit and they sent me a free replacement clip. I’m on my second clip and after several months, the new one is doing the same thing. I plan to call for a new one. This is a design defect, not a user problem. Call them and get a replacement for free!

  15. Thanks much for this post – I repaired mine as listed and it has held up for over 6 months and counting!

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