Apr 262007

Remember how cool Stratego pieces used to be? The silver-on-blue and gold-on-red tiles were pretty nifty, weren’t they?

Well, now you have to peel stickers and put them on all 80 pieces:

I still have my set from when I was little, with all of the silver-on-blue and gold-on-red pieces as God intended, in the cheesy 1975 box that looks like this:

I think we’ll just hang with this one. Can the stickers, MB/Hasbro–that’s lame.

Thanks to Ed’s Stratego Site for the images.

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  2 Responses to “Stratego aesthetics destroyed; pennies saved”

  1. I loathe the stickers. Why not just give me a sharpie and directions on what to draw in?

    Totally unrelated – we have a ball game saturday at noon.

  2. […] The boys are enjoying Stratego.  I have stressed to them the importance of not losing any of the pieces. […]

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