Feb 042012

Here are some recent search terms (put into Google, Yahoo!, and so forth) that led someone to this blog:

need to pee in airplane
I am proud to say I never have.  I plan carefully to avoid needing airplane bathrooms.  Checked one out for Nathan once; that’s the closest I’ve ever come.

wife pierced
That’s alarmingly general.

prison girls
Oh yeah man, I know.  I get you.

synthetic opioid like over the counter
That’d be another step to, like, a utopia.

what the fuck is my pin number?

corn flakes look like people
Some of them.  Some of us.

stimulate my economies
Your economies are filthy little perverts.

boots for rabbits
Be careful.  Fur freaks ’em out.

are car dealers the most hated profession in the usa
Nope.  Attorneys.

fire les miles 2012
The mind of a corn dog is a mysterious thing.

kenny stabler beer
Yeah.  It’s a problem.

be nice to obama

this here’s the duck
This here’s the orange sauce.

tabasco sauce kid
That’d be a cool cowboy name.

redneck wife
Don’t have one.  I know a few.

what is a damp washcloth
I can’t believe this one recurs, but it does.

i want to fuck ssheep
I can believe this one recurs.  And it does.

is there a vulgar word for female genitalia or behavior that starts with a q?
Yes.  Quitoris.

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  7 Responses to “These roads lead to BoWilliams.com”

  1. OMG! How did these wind up in your search???????? Reading stuff like this from real people scares me; they walk among us! My personal fav is “this here’s the duck
    This here’s the orange sauce.” Great reply, Bo.

  2. Okay, but what I really want to know is…which posts did they land on?

  3. Ahem…the word in question is “queef” and I found it on like the fifth link off that search. Now to use it in Words With Friends.

  4. Jan, it’s a sick world. And thank you.

    MrsDragon, stick the terms in the search box and you’ll generally get there. If you have any questions on the other side, I’ll help. 🙂

    BamaDan, that word occurred to me immediately, but it’s certainly not “genitalia” and it’s really not “behavior” either, if you think about it.

  5. Oh but it is female genetalia behavior. A very funny behavior indeed. Google just dropped the “or” and went straight to the registered expert’s page. Smart guys out there.

  6. But it’s spontaneous and unintentional. Does that meet the definition of “behavior”? Is your stomach growling “behavior”?

    All of the semantics aside, I’m sure you’re correct in your guess of the quarry word. I just thought “quitoris” was hilarious. 🙂

  7. Oh yeah, “quitoris” or maybe the more vulgar “qunt”?

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